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POSITION TITLE: Security Officer



SALARY: Classified Placement Schedule – Grade 4


BENEFITS: Standard Package



  1. Education:  High School Diploma or GED equivalent required.

  2. Experience: One (1) year of experience in the security field enforcement or comparable experience that involved the application of sound judgment, discretion, and principles and practices of school operations or similar organization. (Military services may be substituted).

  3. Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: 

  1. Ability to respond to the emergency situation while maintaining composure, demonstrating appropriate professionalism and restraint at all times. 

  2. Ability to exercise mature judgment in controlling student behavior to defuse any confrontational situations.

  3. Skill in working in an environment subject to frequent interruptions, quickly changing priorities, and occasionally limited directions.

  4. Must maintain a strict level of confidentiality of sensitive information and communications. 

  5. Must have a valid Arizona Driver’s License

  6. Must be First Aid and CPR certified 

  • Subject to passing First Responder Training certification within 90-days of hire. The training will include proper use of baton, handcuffs, and pepper spray.  

  • Must have a proven successful employment record. 


    JOB GOAL: To provide protection services by ensuring the security and safety of the students and personnel, school facilities, school grounds, school housing compound, and all other school equipment and property.



    1.  Patrols assigned area on foot, by bicycle, or in a motor vehicle in order to prevent fire, theft, vandalism, and illegal entry.

    2. Encounter unauthorized person(s) inside or around buildings for questioning and call District Security Officers for any assistance.

    3. Conducts patrol inspections of doors, windows, and gates to determined that they are secured to prevent illegal entry.

    4. While patrolling buildings, enters all buildings and make a walk-through to ensure all school property and equipment are safe, entrance and exit ways, and windows are secure, intact, closed, and locked.  Ensures the doors and locks function.  Performs an exterior walk of all campus to make sure buildings, heavy-duty equipment, vehicles are secure, intact, and gateways are closed and locked.  

    5. Patrols school grounds to detect unauthorized persons or vehicles; checks cars for parking authorization to determine if vehicles are parked in restricted areas, such as near fire hydrants or in driveways, check exterior lighting and emergency access routes; and enforces the speed limit on District grounds.

    6. Assist the Safety Team Representative (STR) on Fire/Bomb Threat Evacuations, the Lockdown, Lockout, Shelter in Place, and Bomb Threats by Sweeping the hallways, restrooms, for students, and evacuate the building.

    7. Responds to emergency calls watch for and reports of irregularities as security breaches, facilities and safety hazards, and emergency situations and contacts emergency responders, such as police, fire, and/or 

    ambulance personnel, as required.   maintains surveillance to detect and prevent fires, accidents, vandalism, trespass hazard. Patrol and report any unusual maintenance issues to Maintenance Department.

    1. Must maintain charged 2-way radio and communicate with the school administration and District Security on duty.

    2. Works under the general supervision of Facility Manager, who makes work assignments with oral/written instructions, as necessary on new or special procedures or when difficulties are encountered, may receive work direction and guidance.  Keeps supervisor informed.  Responsible to document and submit incident all pertinent incident information such as the nature of the incident, individuals involved, witnesses, date and time of the incident, facilities affected, persons notified of the incident, clear and concise description of the incident, and any authorities contacted.

    3. Makes timely, factual, and accurate written incident reports of violations.

    4. Performs other duties as assigned.


    REPORTS TO:  Facility Director  


    Physical Requirements:  

    The job requires physical endurance in standing, climbing, bending, stretching, pulling, working, and walking on uneven surfaces. May be required to lift and move objects weighing over 50 pounds. 


    Subject to background investigations to determine suitability for employment. 


    EVALUATION:  Performance will be evaluated in accordance with the Board’s policy on Evaluation of Support Services Personnel.


    I have received a copy of my job description and certify that this is an accurate statement of the major duties and responsibilities of this position. I also understand that I will be required to perform these duties and responsibilities.

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