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Career and Technical Education


Position Title: Career and Technical Education (CTE) Teacher 


Terms of Employment: 10 months

Salary: As Per District Salary Schedule

FLSA Status: Exempt

Benefits: Standard Package



  1. Certified according to Arizona State Department of Education requirements.

  2. Degree(s) or Industry Certification required by Arizona Department of Education 

in the area of major study.

  1. Must have a proven successful employment record.

  2. Navajo Nation Background Check.


JOB GOAL: To develop, plan, prepare, implement, monitor, and evaluate a quality competency-based CTE (Career Technology Education) Program leading to the development of student skills sufficient to qualify for entry-level employment and/or post-secondary education using effective instruction with all students.  



  1. Demonstrates knowledge of the subject matter; center instruction on high expectations for student achievement and demonstrate effective teaching practices.  

  2. Demonstrates and uses innovative technology in the classroom to enhance CTE curriculum standards and assessments.

  3. Sets and maintains standards of classroom behavior and upholds district-wide discipline policies.

  4. Creates a positive and nurturing class environment that is developmentally appropriate and conducive to learning.   

  5. Communicates with parents through conferences and other means to discuss student’s progress and interpret the school program.   

  6. Plan a program of study aligned with the Arizona State standards and meets students’ individual needs, interests, and abilities.  

  7. Use multiple student data elements to assess student progress, modify instruction, and improve student learning.  

  8. Plan, organize, and teach a competency-based CTE program course.  

  9. Develops, implements, and maintains a Career & Technical Student Organization (CTSO).  

  10. Manage and advise a Career & Technical Student Organization and incorporate Career & Technical Student Organization leadership activities into the program curriculum.

  11. Develop and maintain CTE and CTSO program budgets in accordance with district and building guidelines.  

  12. Maintains accurate, complete, and correct CTE program records required by law, district policy, and administration.

  13. Develops lesson plans and organizes class time so that preparation, instruction, shop/lab work, and                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              clean-up activities can be accomplished with the allotted time.

  14. Prepares assigned classes, shows written evidence of preparation at the request of the supervisor.  

  15. Prepares students for success on State assessments and CTE program credentials.  

  16. Develop community and industry partnerships for students to acquire work-based learning.  

  17. Establishes and maintains a local program advisory council.  

  18. Takes all necessary and reasonable precautions to protect students, equipment, materials, and facilities.

  19. Demonstrates effective classroom and lab management. 

  20. Order supplies, instructional materials, and equipment necessary for the program curriculum.  

  21. Strives to maintain and improve professional competence.

  22. Attend and participate in PLCs, CTE staff meetings and serve on staff committees as required.  

  23. Performs other duties as assigned. 


REPORTS TO: Principal and CTE Director


EVALUATION: Performance will be evaluated in accordance with the Governing Board Policy on Evaluation of Professional Personnel.


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