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Non-Instructional Support


This position is part of the Raymond Support Staff Union.  Pay rate is per the Collective Bargaining Agreement found here. Employment is contingent upon receipt of federal funding.
Hiring hourly rate based on experience- $12.75-$17.00. Benefits include Medical, Dental, FSA, Vision, Life, 403(b), NH Retirement System pension, paid leave. Shift starting at 2PM


1.   Certificate of good health signed by a licensed physician

2.   Ability to read basic operating instructions

3.   Demonstrated aptitude for successful completion of the assigned task

4.   Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Superintendent may find appropriate and acceptable


REPORTS TO:  Head Custodian and Facilities Director


JOB GOAL:     To provide a clean, safe, and comfortable learning environment for all students and staff




A.                 General:


1.  Clean all classrooms, corridors, store rooms, work rooms, offices teachers room, kitchen, cafeteria, toilet rooms, daily to including sweeping, dry mopping, vacuuming and trash removal

2.     Maintain tile floors as required by stripping, sealing, finishing, washing, buffing and recoating as required

3.    Carpeted floors will be vacuumed daily, spot cleaned as required, and shampooed at least once a year

4.Toilet room floors are to be washed and sanitized daily.  Toilet room fixtures to be cleaned and sanitized daily Walls to maintained clean and graffiti free as required

5.  Dusting, washing of windows, mirrors, and woodwork, cleaning of classroom sinks, minor maintenance and repairs to be accomplished as necessary and time allows

6.   Set up and take down of chairs, tables, A.V. equipment and any required material for various functions as required

7.    Drinking fountains will be cleaned and sanitized daily

8.   Operate cleaning equipment

9.  Maintain litter free grounds


B.                 Safety and Security:


1.    Assure that walkways and stairwells are clear of all debris, cleanup spills, remove snow and sand or salt ice as required

2.    Maintain entry way lights as required

3.    During heating season make sure boilers are operating

4.    Lock classrooms after hours and lock and engage security system on leaving the building

5.   Report any maintenance, and/or security problems to the head custodian immediately


C.                 Physical Requirements:


Must be able to lift objects 5-60 lbs. Must be able to stand/walk for periods of time 2-7.5 hours. The position entails repetitive motions of the hands and requires the ability to be able to push, pull and reach objects that may be overhead. The position requires the ability to operate cleaning equipment


D.                 Personal:


1.    Promptness is necessary be on time for work

2.  Appropriate dress and personal hygiene is required

3.   Custodians are expected to conduct themselves in a polite friendly manner

4.  Cooperation and teamwork is required.  Respect for and an ability to assist each other is expected


E.                  Other:


1.Other duties and requirements as directed by the Head Custodian or Facilities Director





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