Head Cook/Cafeteria Manager

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Non-Instructional Support


Provide students and staff with a nutritional, eye-appealing meal while ensuring a clean, sanitary, and safe working environment.

Oversee the opening of the kitchen, which includes unlocking doors, checking temperatures in refrigerators, freezers, and storeroom and recording all temperatures, and turning on ovens and warmers. Ensure proper sanitation and compliance with food safety regulations, procedures, and codes, which includes proper storage of leftovers to prevent spoiling. Prepare the lunch menu and prep and cook all necessary food items, ensuring meals are nutritional, appealing, and maintained at appropriate temperatures. 
Prepare various orders such as food, produce, ice cream, dairy, bread, ala carte items, and general supplies and maintain a monthly inventory. Receive food orders, validate invoices, ensure proper storage of items to prevent spoiling, and retrieve items from their appropriate areas, which includes entering walk-in refrigeration unit. Maintain a safe, clean environment conducive to learning, which includes proper cleaning of ovens, tables, counters, warmers, refrigerators, freezers, floors, kettles, dishes, utensils, slicer, etc. Ensure proper cleanliness of dishcloths, aprons, and potholders, which includes doing laundry daily. Supervise and evaluate the performance of staff. Provide leadership in training new employees. Complete paperwork daily, which includes recording all meals and items served and preparing deposit slips. Oversee the closing of the kitchen, which includes checking all doors and windows, ovens, warmers, lights, trash, freezers, refrigerators, etc. Attend staff meetings as designated by the Director. Perform other duties as assigned by the Director of Child Nutrition Services.

Experience in food service operations is necessary, High school diploma necessary. Vocational culinary training preferred. Knowledge in the food service industry with an understanding of nutrition, sanitation, and food safety. Serve-Safe Certification required.


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Northeastern York School District

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York Haven Elementary

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