Administrative Assistant / Business Office Specialist

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Non-Instructional Support


Position/Title:                         Administrative Assistant / Business Office Specialist
Responsible To:                     Chief Financial Officer
Terms of Employment:         Full-Time Position, 245 days per year; 40 hours per week
Qualifications:                       Bachelor’s degree in a related field or equivalent experience, preferred.
                                               • Ability to meet the public, vendor representatives and employees
                                               • Ability to file accurately
                                               • Operate a variety of office machines
General Responsibilities:     

  1. Administrative Assistant to the Chief Financial Officer


  1. Administrative Assistant to the Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds.


  1. Sort Business Services office mail


  1. Schedule usage of buildings:
    1. Forward application forms to Principal, Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds, and      Business Manager for approval.
    2. Verify availability of building requested.
    3. Prepare recommended response in accordance with Board Policy.
    4. Send signed response to applicant.
    5. Prepare building use calendars for each building listing each event/program time, location of authorized usage by non-district organization.
    6. Investigates building usage complaints.  Forward information to administrators and notify offending parties of resolution and/or corrective action.


  1. Prepare billing for usage of buildings, as well as reimbursed cost and other necessary statements, and forward to person/organization owing the District, maintaining a file of accounts receivable based upon billing and receipts.


  1. Prepare ZEA billing, for charges to the District for substitute teachers required to cover positions while ZEA Representatives attend meetings/conferences/workshops related to union business.


  1. Receive cash payments, prepare and forward receipts, deposit money received to proper fund, enter each receipt in log, and reconcile deposits with receipts no less than monthly.


  1. Arrange for repair service on individual buildings’ intercom, sound, and alarm systems.


  1. Prepare newspaper publications for business office related activities, such as, Annual Budget, Prevailing wages, Bid Notices, Annual Financial Statement and other notices as directed.


  1. Prepare reports of District activities related to functions of the Business Office, such as, food service, reimbursement applications and claims, transportation reports and claims, and financial reports.


  1. Maintain appropriate files including Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivables and Cash Receipts.


  1. Maintain postage meter.  Renew postage as needed and perform scheduled electronic updates to unit.


  1. Assist with the development of Skyward training materials and procedures.


  1. Assist other Business Office personnel as workloads require and permit.


  1. Process invoices for payment, follow-up on outstanding balances on vendor statements, correspond with vendors and service providers to resolve billing issues.


  1. All other duties as assigned.

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