School Social Worker Intern - Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program (DHH)

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School Social Worker - Intern - Deaf and Hard of Hearing (DHH) Program
To provide support services to students who are enrolled in self-contained special education programs
Assigned Program Coordinator
Intern must be enrolled in an approved Illinois Social Worker program
Specific Duties and Responsibilities
1. Consultation to Parents

a) Consulting with parents regarding home-based child management issues when needs arise.
b) Working with parents to aid them in an understanding of their child=s difficulties and handicapping conditions.
c) Promote child/parent rights regarding school/social services; aiding parents in becoming effective decision makers and consumers of services.
2. Consultation and Interventions to Special Education and Regular Education Settings.

a) Aiding in the implementation and evaluation of behavior management programs.
b) Aiding in the assessment of children to determine the need for classroom interventions and social work services.
c) Participating in parent-teacher conferences as needed.
d) Providing/aiding teachers in the development of social skills training.
f) Interventions

1) Parents: Such interventions include the design and interpretation of behavior management programs in home settings.
2) Teachers: Services to teachers in developing applied behavioral interventions in the classroom; creation of social skills training programs; and/or in the acquisition of new academic or behavioral skills.
3) By the School Social Worker: Student interventions in this area include development and implementation of applied behavior analysis programs that are carried out by the school social worker within the instructional setting, development of social skills training programs that are implemented in the classroom setting, provision of direct counseling services to students aimed at development of new student skills, and other services when specified as part of the student's IEP.
3. Crisis Intervention Services to Students, Teachers, and Families
Such services include assessing crisis situations, helping others identify potential solutions, identifying resources that may be helpful in problem resolution, developing plans for the resolution of the crisis.  Additionally, school social workers engage in long-term planning with others involved with students in planning to prevent future crisis situations.
Application Procedure:
Apply online.


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