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JOB TITLE:       STEM/CTE Teacher                       

A.            Educational Level:  Bachelors Degree of higher. 
B.            Certification:  Nebraska certification with endorsement in either Science, Math, or Skilled Technical Sciences Technology.
C.            Experience Required:  Must meet standards for a 7-12 Nebraska certification as a teacher in either math, science, or skilled and technical sciences.  Skills to teach STEM curriculum including: engineering, robotics, design, process, electronics, discovery, solid                    works and engineering concepts related to problem solving and team building. 

REPORTS TO: Middle School Principal  

Develop in each student an insight and understanding of STEM.

  1. Discover talents of students in the career fields.
  2. Create an engaging; hands on STEM project based classroom where students are working cooperatively to understand the process of problem solving, engineering and design.
  3. Develop essential skills of problem solving, cooperation, and communication for 21st Century careers.
  4. Develop a program of study that meets individual needs, interests and abilities of students as determined by the STEM curriculum.
  5. Engage students by hands on, lecturing, demonstrating and using real-world examples.
  6. Assist in program evaluation on a regular basis.
  7. Participate in appropriate in-service development programs.
  8. Incorporate the elements of Marzano instructional model to daily lesson plans.
  9. Create learning activities and grow with new technologies that are available.
  10. Assist in the supervision and direction of students as assigned.
  11. Provide developmentally appropriate learning experiences in which students are actively engaged as participants in the lesson.
  12. Build positive rapport and focus on student success and achievement.
  13. Work effectively in a Professional Learning Community.
  14. Continually use data from common assessments, and MAPs to drive instructional decisions.
  15. Provide feedback to students through written, oral and presentation.
  16. Provide a safe learning environment for students.
  17. Manage and supervise students in lab activities with the knowledge of safety and proper use of tools and machines.
                                Never                 Occasional              Frequent                   Constant                                                                          
                                   0%                            1-32%                33-66%                        67%+

  1. Standing                                                                                                        X                                                  
  2. Walking                                                                                                         X                                  
  3. Sitting                                             X                                            
  4. Bending                                                                    X                                                                                      
  5. Stooping                                       
  6. Reaching                                                                   X             
  7. Pulling                                            X
  8. Climbing                                       X
  9. Driving                                           X                                                                                                    
  10. Lifting                                                                       X                                                            
  1. Carrying                                        X                                                                                            
  1. Inside    X                             Outside                                  Both   
  2. Climatic Environment:  Air-conditioned work rooms
  3. Hazards:    Machines and industrial equipment

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