Zebra Stripes Director

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Description:  Zebra Stripes Director of Claremore Public Schools After School Program

Job Summary:  
• Assist with everyday operations of the program, including setting up before students come and cleaning up after students leave.
• Work with students in a manner consistent with each child’s growth and development. Be aware of each child’s needs.
• Assist in preparing lesson plans for children in accordance with developmentally appropriate practices.
• Implement lesson plans in a developmentally appropriate environment. Structure work and play center to meet the needs of the children. 
• Attend all required meetings. 
• Assist in evaluation of the program.
• Adhere to student behavior and discipline as per Claremore Public School guidelines. Guide and administer discipline in a positive, respectful manner, which promotes self-control, self-direction, and self esteem for each individual child.
• Perform all other duties as assigned.

Qualifications:  High School Diploma or GED Required

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