2021-2021 SY: Teacher-SPED Project Search

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Position Areas
Special Education


SPED Teacher - Project Search
Work Unit:
Special Education
Reports To:
Director & Executive Director of Special Education
Contract Length:
9 months
Pay Schedule:
Overtime Status:
7 hours/day
Union Status:
SPED Teacher License
All positions with Santa Fe Public Schools require a post offer/pre-employment background check. Some positions have additional requirements as established by Federal or State Rules and Regulations.
General Function:
Santa Fe Public Schools is partnering with Project Search and the Pueblo of Pojoaque to provide a program for 18-22 year old students receiving special education services that are eligible for transition programming. The teacher will work collaboratively with Pueblo staff, State of New Mexico transition staff, and Santa Fe Public Schools special education administration to provide a program that helps deliver quality job skills and life skills.
Teaches by creating a flexible program and an environment favorable to learning and personal growth; by encouraging students to develop skills, attitudes and knowledge needed to obtain a good foundation for continuous growth and development; by providing students with experiences which integrate the affective, cognitive and psychomotor dimensions of learning; by establishing effective rapport with students and their parents; by assisting students in developing positive feelings toward themselves and others.
Basic minimum requirements are subject to change from time to time to meet the needs of the District.
Minimum:  Bachelor's degree. Current New Mexico Special Education Teacher license. Current endorsements dependent upon specific positions may be required. 
Preferred: Bilingual in Spanish/English is preferred.
Knowledge/Skills and Abilities: 
Demonstrated general knowledge of curriculum and instruction.  Demonstrated knowledge of various routine tasks, duties and procedures and the ability to follow specific instructions with little or no previous experience. Demonstrated ability to motivate and relate to students, parents, and others.  Ability to develop and maintain professional relations as evidenced by ability to relate positively with staff, parents, students, and the community. Verbal and written communication skills, including communicating a positive attitude, and ability to make presentations. Ability to function as a professional team member. Excellent organizational, analytical, and problem solving skills. Proven professional management skills such as planning, directing, organizing, and coordinating. Demonstrated ability to produce results through a completion of previous assignments. Demonstrated leadership skills and a desire to lead. Ability to establish and maintain a favorable working and learning atmosphere. Ability to demonstrate actions that support the district and its mission. Knowledge of curriculum and instructional strategies, procedures and state and federal statutes. Knowledge of technology as it relates to education. Maintain confidentiality related to district, students, and family information. Demonstrated sensitivity and respect for diversity. Maintain confidentiality related to district, student and family information.
Essential Job Functions
All functions are performed in accordance with established policies, procedures, safety and environmental regulations, facility and computer security policies and procedures.  Functions are subject to change from time to time to meet the needs of the organization. Current essential functions include the following:
  1. Cooperates in the development and implementation of the District program of instruction.
  2. Plans and implements a program of study that, as much as possible, meets the individual needs, interests and abilities of students and complies with State Department of Education Standards and the SFPS Board of Education goals and objectives and individual student IEP plans if appropriate.
  3. Guides the learning process toward the achievement of curriculum goals. Establishes clear objectives for all lessons, assignments, units and projects in harmony with curriculum goals and communicates the objectives to students.
  4. Employs instructional methods and materials that are most appropriate for meeting stated objectives.
  5. Establishes and maintains standards of appropriate student behavior and discipline as prescribed in the school handbook and IEP plans of each student and to achieve a functional learning atmosphere in the classroom and assists in its maintenance campus-wide.
  6. Evaluates the learning progress of students on a regular basis.
  7. Prescribes effective learning programs and initiates referrals to appropriate personnel when concerns arise.
  8. Assesses the accomplishments of students on a regular basis and provides progress reports as required.
  9. Administers standardized tests in accordance with the District testing program.
  10. Establishes and maintains open lines of communication with students and parents concerning students' academic, social and behavioral progress.
  11. Creates a classroom environment that is conducive to learning and appropriate to the maturity and interests of students.
  12. Meets and instructs assigned classes in the locations and at the times designated.
  13. Selects and requests appropriate books and instructional materials and maintains required inventory records.
  14. Provides directions and materials for substitute teachers.
  15. Plans for and supervises classroom aides, guests and volunteers and directs the activities of assigned classroom Educational Assistant.
  16. Cooperates with staff and support personnel in assessing and helping students with health, attitude, learning and behavioral problems.
  17. Participates in all IEP meetings and ensures the educational goals of the IEP are met in the classroom.
  18. Provides directions and materials for substitute teachers. Plans for and supervises classroom aides, guests and volunteers. Cooperates with staff and support personnel in assessing and helping students with health, attitude, learning and behavioral problems.
  19. Provides additional duties as assigned.
Salary Range:
Based on education, experience, and level of NM Teaching License.
 Tier 1 License: $41,000+
 Tier 2 License: $50,000+
 Tier 3 License: $60,000+
Resources Used in Performing Job Include (but are not limited to): 
A wide variety of instructional materials and resources including electronic/digital equipment.
Physical/Cognitive Requirements: 
Continuous speaking, hearing, and visual effort. Frequent walking, sitting, standing, and reaching. Occasional climbing, kneeling, and transporting up to 50 lbs. High degree of concentration requiring continuous and often intense mental and visual attention. Numerous irregularities, complicated and complex tasks are involved. May be required to work with students and /or equipment related to hygiene, toileting, feeding, or therapy purposes.
Environmental Conditions: 
Most work is performed indoors.  Travel from location to location within the Pueblo may be necessary.  Environment may be hectic with frequent interruptions and noise.  May be exposed to bodily fluids.
Personal Accountability:
  1. Demonstrates reliability as evidenced by attendance records and punctuality
  2. Properly notifies supervisor and/or designee of absences or tardiness
  3. Begins and completes work within the allotted time
  4. Consistently appears in attire appropriate to the work environment
  5. Demonstrates skill in the use of equipment including its capabilities, limitations and appropriate/special application
  6. Protects the District’s resources through appropriate and careful use of supplies and equipment
  7. Utilizes appropriate body mechanics to aid in the prevention of muscle strain/injury

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