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The Special Education Instructional Support Team (SIT) member operates from a solution oriented stance to ensure the success of teachers at the individual educator and building levels.  Primary goals include increasing the quality and effectiveness of classroom instruction that is aligned to the Teaching and Learning Framework and meeting the needs of ALL student’s IEP.  The role of the SIT member encompasses three primary areas of focus:
Special Education Teaching Supports
This role provides direct supports to SpEd Teachers and classroom staff with a combination of resources that address all aspects of the Individual Educational Plan (IEP) process, preparation, and compliance as well as helping with other identified classroom and/or student management concerns.  SIT members are working to assist SpEd Teachers and site leaders in planning and implementing classroom and building systems that ensure ALL students advance toward mastery of the goals within their Individual Education Plan (IEP)s.  Responsibilities toward this goal include but are not limited to: 
• Working directly with Teachers to understand IEP components and how to write effective plans that address the needs of each SpEd    student.
• Championing compliance driven IEPs delivering accurate and timely instruction regarding regulations, statues, and laws mandated        for IEP development, progress monitoring, transitions, and compliance. 
• Training Teachers in accurate and relevant data collection methods, providing IEP meeting follow up feedback and assisting with          complex scheduling/organizational needs. 
• Providing real-time training and coaching as Teachers gain proficiency in the development of compliant IEPs, that include progress        monitoring and consider students’ transition and matriculation needs.
• Assisting the Teacher to build skills coordinating special service providers, other building supports, and outside agencies in       collaboration and in the best interest of each student. 
• Conducting on-site classroom visits to coach, model, co-plan, co-educate, or observe Teachers.  SIT members conduct follow-up      conferences with teachers to facilitate their reflection and professional engagement.  Tools include utilizing video and technology to        support teachers in their reflections.
• Supporting schools and staff as students begin matriculating from grade to grade; program to program and as regular education            integration occurs.

Facilitator and Resource Coordinator
This Specialist role requires a deep understanding of successful Individual Education Plan requirements, the Special Education Department programs, strengths and needs in order to support IEP and systems alignment as teachers apply evolving instructional skills and professional learning.  In addition, this employee is a strong resource for teachers providing a high level of knowledge regarding student learning and related special education trends, programs, and supports. Responsibilities in this area include:
• Training directly and as requested with Teachers and SSP staff on the IEP software program;
• Collaborating with building leadership and teams to create student centered master schedules that are flexible and meet student          needs;
• Understanding and championing the use of data analysis, integration, and evidence-based decision making to analyze current              student understanding and to use this data as a catalyst for benchmark growth and driving decisions at the student and classroom        levels;
• Developing and maintaining systems of support for building level Learning Communities that include SpEd needs;
• Responding to teacher/school questions including informal inquiries regarding policies, procedures, and programming for special          education student learners;
• Supporting student state/district alternative assessments with results used as a catalyst to develop student centered instruction            delivery improvements;
• Facilitating collaborative work with other teachers and support staff sharing learned strategies for working with special education            students;

Life-Long Learner
• Modeling continuous learning SIT members engage in collaborative Professional Learning refining their personal practices and          knowledge base;
• Engaging in coaching cycles with SpEd Professional Learning Specialist regarding their coaching practice modeling self-reflection.        Note: The use of video and other methods to enhanced personal reflection highly encouraged.
• Bringing forward new knowledge and techniques to the learning system; modeling application at the building sites and within the            coaching cadre.

This Specialist position currently has no direct staff supervisory duties however, is still considered a leader and technical resource that promotes District efforts to ensure:
• Student success as the primary focus;
• And intertwines the applied principles of collaborative adult learning;
 Note: While not a direct supervisor the Specialist does hold considerable influence regarding the planning, recruitment and special   education professional development needs.  The employee will hold an understanding of and ability to convey special education   licensure requirements toward these efforts.  This Specialist works with the assigned Coordinators in: 
• Collaborating with site leaders in the recruitment, hiring, and retention of qualified special education teachers, 
• Working with the SpEd and PL Directors, and site leaders to assess the professional learning needs of SpEd teachers in the                  school/district; especially teachers new to the organization or special education career, 
• Leading and/or participating in meetings, workshops and seminars with responsibilities to remain up to date on research based              teaching and learning practices and current trends and for creating a yearlong professional learning calendar for special education        staff with action items, projected completion dates, and budget.

Job Summary:
Operating under the general direction of the Director of Special Education and assigned SpEd Coordinator, this position functions as a District representative working to advocate for SpEd students and support the work of Special Education Teachers and department staff.  The Specialist works with Directors, SpEd Coordinators, Special Service Providers, Building Leaders, and Special Education Teachers to deliver focused direct and often individualized training and supports for SpEd Teachers and other staff as assigned.  The primary responsibility of this position is to increase the quality and effectiveness of each educator’s and student’s Individual Education Plan (IEP) process and product.  SIT members equip educators with the competencies that are required for implementing effective IEP development processes, progress monitoring, and student transition services, etc.   SIT members bring a strong understanding of IEP regulatory compliance and work to ensure the District’s adherence to this complex department requirement.  This role requires a strong ability to assist the teacher in collaborating with service providers, building leadership and others in advocacy for their students.  Specialists help champion the District-wide vision for a commitment to high expectations and for the success of all students.  In support of all these efforts, this position oversees a variety of applicable operational duties managing a continuous training calendar, developing instructional materials and supports that assist Special Educators.

• Bachelor’s degree in Special Education plus additional coursework required for certification or licensure; preference given for                Master’s Degree in Special Education*
• Minimum of five years of Classroom Teaching experience; with at least three years in Special Education; 
• Minimum of two years of demonstrated leadership experience in Performance Based or Competency Based Systems;    
• Attend and successfully complete all staff development training as required by state law or as directed by the Director.
• * (Acceptable educational and experience equivalent will be at the sole discretion of the District)
• Valid Colorado Teaching License with Special education endorsement or Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) Special                Service Provider license;
• Physical Management Certification (i.e. QBS, CPI, etc.) or ability to obtain within 90 days of hire;

Working Conditions:
207 days/year

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