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East Central Independent School District
Job Description - April 1, 2021
Database Administrator  
The position of Database Administrator will be available immediately at East Central ISD.  All individuals (district employees included) who are interested in this position must apply online through Frontline via the district website.  The deadline for submitting an application is 4:00 p.m., April 11, 202,  or until the position is filled.   

Primary Purpose:  The Database Administrator will serve as the point-of-contact and provider of district-level technology support for data imports, management, and exports utilizing MS Access, Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, and various FTP protocols. The Database Administrator will provide database services to the district staff using student and staff databases from various applications providing the proper conversion techniques in a timely manner, including supervisor duties for the Data Operator. Plus, the position provides data services for all district applications and the functions of the Technology Department as directed by the Director of Technology.  

Major Responsibilities and Duties:
  1. Maintain Microsoft Access databases. Maintain, update, and administer access for Database servers, applications, and data, including imports and exports.
  2. Maintain, update, and administer access for Microsoft, Cerberus, WinSCP, and other FTP servers, FTP applications, and data, including data transfers in and out of the District.
  3. Provide timely database services to the Curriculum Department in a manner that meets all TEA and assessment deadlines with time to spare.
  4. Design and implement processes and procedures to reduce and eliminate database outages and downtime. 
  5. Implement data backup and recovery procedures to prevent the loss of data from all types of failure. The document, plan and test Disaster Recovery procedures.
  6. User and Data Security - design, implement, and maintain database security strategies that provide the appropriate level of security for users and applications.
  7. Develop and maintain an annual calendar of submissions to facilitate advanced planning.
  8. Document all filters, queries, and conversions developed. Store copies of documentation and converters in multiple locations.
  9. Assist the district and campus assessment staff in extracting data from the district’s applications in a timely manner for adjusting instruction. 
  10. Be on call for all district staff needing database services using the priorities given by the Director of Technology.
  11. Support technicians with the data components of their duties, including supervising the Data Operator.
  12. Assist, monitor, and train data staff with user creation, update, deletion, and management services to the district staff.
  13. Monitor and maintain the district’s user databases, including integration/synchronization with active directory, google, and more in collaboration with the Server and Network team members.
  14. Provide support with applications in Eduphoria, including managing permissions, issues with uploads, troubleshooting, etc.
  15. Maintain skill and knowledge levels on the latest releases of all of the district’s databases, plus related servers, software, and applications. 
  16. Attend and study materials and resources provided by the district in a timely manner and pass the related certification examinations to keep certifications updated to the latest versions as directed by the Technology Director.
  17. Create and continuously update a plan for training related to current and future data needs.
  18. Collaborate with vendors in a timely and transparent manner as approved by the Director of Technology.
  19. Document database activities, configurations, and procedures regularly with copies in multiple locations and in a manner that can be used easily by other staff. 
  20. Assist other technicians as needed or when caught up on work orders, including serving as a mentor and assisting with managing the IT shop.
  21. Maintain confidentiality of student and staff information.
  22. Complete work as indicated by the Director of Technology or the ticket priority, in that order.
  23. Includes all Technician III responsibilities and duties.
  24. Other duties as assigned.
NOTE:  Not all applicants will be interviewed.  Each applicant’s resume, application, and other available information will be considered in the screening process.  Only those persons currently meeting all of the minimum requirements will be considered.   


Bachelor’s Degree or advanced preferred
Certifications in A+, networking, Microsoft Access, Google Admin, and Microsoft Excel products preferred
Special Knowledge/Skills:
Experience using advanced queries in Google Sheets required
Experience using Microsoft Access with advanced queries required
Advanced knowledge of computer technology used in school settings, including data gathering, export, and analysis
Superior organizational, communication, and interpersonal skills  

Equipment Used:  Personal computer equipment, service tools, technology websites, motor vehicles, and phone   Working Conditions:  Mental Demands/Physical Demands/Environmental Factors:  Maintain emotional control under stress; work with frequent interruptions. Frequent standing, stooping, bending, kneeling, pushing, and pulling, carrying, and running. Frequent light lifting and carrying (less than 15 pounds); occasional heavy lifting (45 pounds or over) and lifting and moving equipment. Work inside and outside (exposure to sun, heat, and inclement weather); exposure to noise; exposure to biological hazards. Frequent use of small hand tools and electronic test equipment; frequent district-wide travel. Regular occasions of prolonged and irregular hours. Normal classroom/office environments, and work around electrical energy.  

Period of Employment: 260-day basis            
Salary:  Auxiliary Pay Grade 510 - Exempt Employee      
Roland Toscano
Superintendent of Schools                                    

*An Equal Opportunity Employer*

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