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Monday - Friday 11:15am-12:45am  $12.00 per hour


  1. Ability to safely manage large groups of children and calmly maintain order

  2. Ability to comprehend written and spoken English and to speak and write in English.



  1. Standing, walking, moving, climbing, carrying, bending, kneeling, crawling, reaching, handling, pushing, and pulling

  2. Bending, standing and moving for extended periods of time

  3. Lifting and moving 40 pounds

  4. Seeing and hearing 

  5. Being outside in various weather conditions for extended periods of time (recess)


REPORTS TO: Building Principal and Assistant Principal


JOB GOAL:  To safely and calmly supervise students during lunch and recess



  1. Reports to work on time

  1. Demonstrates consistent and reliable attendance

  1. Reads and responds to district/building communications in a timely manner and within any explicitly defined deadlines

  1. Supervises children and monitors student behavior in a positive manner according to District guidelines:  to/from the lunchroom, in hallways, to/from the classroom, to/from the playground, and outside on the playground equipment, blacktop, and fields

  1. Supervises children and monitor student behavior in a positive manner and according to District guidelines in the classrooms during indoor recess

  1. Communicates inappropriate behavior to teachers and/or administration in a timely manner (orally or in writing) following school processes and procedures.

  1. Serves lunch to students, sell milk, and keep supplies stocked

  1. Maintains a positive attitude with children while in the lunchroom, the classroom (indoor recess) or on the playground

  1. Is vigilant at all times when supervising children in all settings

  1. At the end of lunch times: Cleans and disinfects tables and chairs, as needed, collects garbage and prepares lunchroom for the next group of students.

  1. Maintains cleanliness and order in the kitchen according to district standards

  1. Implements and follows the district’s Health and Accident/Injury Procedures and Blood borne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan

  1. Supports and implements the district’s Risk Management Policy to ensure that statutory and common law health and safety rights are extended to all visitors, employees, and students, to provide careful supervision and protection of all district real and personal property

  1. Participates in in-service training programs as directed by building administrator(s)

  1. Performs additional duties as assigned by the building administrator(s)




Job contingent upon Board approval. Salary and work year determined by Negotiated Agreement between the RTEA and the Board of Education.


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