WPMS Physical Education/Health Teacher

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$37,003 - $72,962 per YEAR
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Physical Education/Health

Must hold a license issued by Nevada Department of Education Teacher Licensure.


Complete Job Description: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1SZYK7X8eeiyUD0mKiV4kImnsc01fDoB_enrBuoRycx8/edit?usp=sharing

Classification: Certified Terms of Employment: 149 Day Teaching Contract FLSA Status: Exempt Terms: Salaried position assigned to the Licensed Employee Salary Schedule Supervisor: Teacher reports to WPMS building principal

Personal Qualities Embodies passion, persistence, grit, and strives for the just right balance of empathy and firmness. Exemplifies integrity in all interactions. Strives to abide by the qualities described in the SEL Pillars portion of the district’s World Class Relationships framework.

Professional Qualities Passion for education, love of learning, and desire to serve all students regardless of race, gender, socio-economic status, etc. Models professional responsibilities. Ability to utilize data to inform and implement effective instruction. Researches, models, and supports successful practices in middle school education. Practices timeliness and adherence to work expectations. Follows the district’s and school’s values. Demonstrates urgency in moving towards the vision of world class learning. Constantly champions the work of students and staff in daily, intentional conversations.

Commitment to the School Academics. Implement an appropriate educational curriculum based on the Nevada Academic Content Standards for Physical Education and Health. Develops measurable personal and students goals in alignment with the School Performance Plan as outlined in the District Performance Plan. Adherence to the WPCSD Professional Domains and Standards for Licensed Employees and report directly to the school site administrator. Plans and provides for student success with lesson planning, continual data tracking, revision based on student needs, and appropriate parents & community contact. Attends and participates in collaborative team meetings. Ensures the team is focused on student work. Advocates, supports, and models high levels of rigor within their classroom in alignment with the college and career ready goals outlined in the District Performance Plan. Understands the NEPF expectations and uses multiple data points to inform practice and guide instruction. Oversees students’ academic progress, credit attainment, and promotion progress toward next grade level. Collaborates with administration, support staff, and office staff for effective student success. Classroom Environment. Create and maintain an educational atmosphere that encourages effective student learning and supports school and district programs and goals. Create and maintain a physical education environment that promotes health and safety for all student participants. Supervise Paraprofessional Teacher’s Assistants while in the classroom by providing necessary lesson plans, activities, and servicing to support student needs Collaborate with special education staff to understand IEP needs and provide differentiated instruction for students on their caseload as needed. Ability to deal with defiant or aggressive behavior issues with patience and calm, allowing for smooth transitions and de-escalation as needed College and Career Ready Instruction. Stretches students to perform and grow using real world skills preparing them for future careers and opportunities. Provides a minimum of two opportunities per year for students to demonstrate to public learned skills Facilitates the growth of programs through regular discussions with teachers and community.

Commitment to the Student Strives to know each student’s name, interests, and needs. Positively interacts with students when in contact with them. Encourages and stretches students--both in the individual and group setting--to achieve academically and conduct themselves with honor and dignity. Supervises hallways, parking lots, and common areas as assigned in order to promote safety and security. Champions students by being constantly visibly engaged during the school day and at events outside of the school day. Utilizes restorative practices combined with disciplinary practices, creating security for the school as a whole, balanced with meeting students’ specific needs. Formally recognizes students’ accomplishments through student of the day/week/month etc.

Commitment to the Community Develops family engagement, including providing time for students to demonstrate newly learned abilities. Communicates with families about student progress on a regular basis. Serves as an ambassador for the school, attending community events, providing public relations information (including newspaper articles, social media posts, speeches to groups etc.), and advocating for education whenever possible. Provides intentional opportunities and invitations for community members to come into the school as guests and/or observers.

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