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The Upper School Special Education Director must exemplify Kuumba’s Core values (Persistence, Creativity, Respect, and Responsibility) and will serve as an instructional leader within the school.  S/he has a vision of excellence and leads the school in building and maintaining a positive, high-standards, achievement-oriented school culture where students excel academically and artistically.  The SED drives a culture of instructional excellence through teacher support and training across all grade levels.  The SED is responsible for ensuring that every student at Kuumba Academy Charter School is supported in their academic development and that all special education services are in compliance with mandates. S/he will be responsible to oversee, monitor and evaluate all special education instruction and implement changes to further improve instruction.  S/he is the primary person responsible for ensuring that students with special needs receive the proper accommodations within the classroom and during intervention sessions.  


S/he will also be responsible for leading IEP implementation and evaluations, ensuring meticulous records are maintained for students with special needs, scheduling services and co-teaching to support our special education population.  S/he will work closely with special education and general education teachers to modify curriculum and assessments that are aligned to the Common Core standards, analyze student results, and work with teachers to make data-driven instructional decisions to ensure that every student makes progress towards academic and behavioral goals as outlined in their IEP. 


Essential Responsibilities of the Special Education Director include but Are Not Limited to: 


Cultivate high-achievement academic environment:

  • Review all special education services provided to ensure that services appropriately matches students’ IEPs and are in compliance with all mandates 

  • Assess and review the needs of incoming and existing students and monitoring student performance data

  • Facilitate the evaluation and reevaluation process for all students who may require services

  • Coordinate necessary evaluations for placement; conducting internal assessments as needed (WiDA, EL Benchmarks, etc)

  • Develop highly effective instructional support and an efficient schedule, in collaboration with Instructional Leadership Team

  • Analyze school wide data in order to design responsive student interventions

  • Devise and monitor high-impact support plans for teachers 

  • Facilitate weekly data meetings with special education teachers and specialists to analyze student data and plan for targeted interventions to increase student achievement

  • Invest students and families in development of academic success and Kuumba Core values 

  • Utilize relevant assessment data to identify students in need of intervention 

  • Equip special education teachers and specialists with intervention and differentiation strategies to implement with students who need additional support

  • Ensure all families receive consistent and on-going communication regarding student progress

  • Support the Student Support Services Team including Response to Intervention


Demonstrate exceptional teacher leadership:

  • Directly coach a portfolio of teachers using the Teaching Excellence Framework

  • Observe lessons regularly and deliver targeted feedback to teachers

  • Collaborate with grade/subject teams to plan units, lessons and assessments; regularly share feedback

  • Model outstanding instruction and leadership for teachers


Facilitate excellent professional development:

  • Coordinate and manage creative, inspiring professional development sessions in line with schools goals and priorities

  • Support the interim assessment process to ensure teachers are using current data to drive instruction; facilitate regular, meaningful interim assessment data debriefs with teachers

Serve as an active member of the school leadership team:

  • Participate in regular leadership team meetings

  • Develop and lead the Special Education Parent Council in accordance with state regulations

  • Model KACS professional and core values at all times; be a visible and highly engaged leader in the school community

Qualifications: Masters Degree in Special Education, Instructional Leadership or related field; Special Education Director certification
  • At least 3 years of teaching experience with a record of high student achievement

  • At least 2 years experience leading other teachers to achieve strong academic results with historically underachieving students


Desired Skills and Characteristics:

  • Strong belief in the Kuumba mission and educational model 

  • Exemplary instructional and classroom management skills

  • Proven track record of meeting extremely high standards for student achievement

  • High level of personal organization and planning

  • Excellent communication skills with diverse constituents (teachers, parents, children, board members); clear writer, facilitator and public speaker

  • Proven ability to proactively lead by example, effectively manage adults, and respond positively to feedback

  • Proven ability to influence and enhance cooperative working relationships within a team environment 

  • Ability to lead within a fast-paced, dynamic, and rapidly-changing environment

  • Team player: maturity, humility, grit, flexible, follow-through, sense of humor, open to feedback, and a “roll-up-my-sleeves” attitude.

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