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Please send resume and cover letter to: jobs@eastersealschicago.org

POSITION SUMMARY: The primary responsibility of the teacher is to ensure the health, safety and well-being of each student while supporting academic, life, and job skill growth. The teacher is accountable for the development, implementation and monitoring of all aspects of classroom programming.


• Adhere to all mandated reporter and OIG guidelines at all times.

• Develop meaningful weekly lesson plans in alignment with student IEP goals and evidence-based practices that promote high levels of student engagement.

• Establish and maintain a routine to prepare in advance all age appropriate instructional schedules, lesson plans and materials.

• Maintain a clean, organized, and supportive learning environment.

• Perform a variety of assessments (both formal and informal), monitor growth and progress, and create progress reports based on IEP.

• Interpret behavior as communication and use data-based behavioral systems to address student needs.

• Create learning opportunities using a range of learning tools to meet the needs of all learners.

• Provide monthly suggestions to the School Administrator/Program Coordinator on areas of training that would enhance the skills of teachers and para-educators.

• Follow through with recommendations made by School Administrative Team and Coaching Team.

• Actively participate in a variety of student related meetings throughout the year, including IEP/MDC and medical case review.

• Facilitate ongoing home-school communication for consistency across settings.

• Participate in a variety of professional development activities, including all in-house offerings, in order to maintain knowledge of evidence based practices.

• Maintain current licensure and/or certifications as defined by ISBE and as applicable to your individual position.

• Maintain a high level of professionalism and collaboration, including maintaining privacy of students at all times.

• Collaborate and implement recommendations made from team members in other disciplines (e.g., speech, occupational therapy).

• Solicit information from all members of the individual’s collaborative program development team (anyone who supports, works with, or provides consultation) for integration into the assigned students’ individualized program.

• Maintain and update all required components in student files for all individuals assigned to his/her class roster.

• Develop appropriate student IEP’s in collaboration with the individual’s IEP team, in accordance with the standards, procedures and timelines established by the administrative team.

• Structure, direct, and support the activities of para-educators.

• Include in your instructional planning, the defined roles and responsibilities of the para-educator related to instruction, intervention, and direct services.

• Implement all components of the Behavior Intervention Plan with consistency in a variety of complex environments under natural circumstances, emphasizing prevention.

• Establish and maintain a progress monitoring system and uses results to drive instructional planning.

• Develop and maintain communication systems to support individual student needs.

• Design age appropriate learning environments across the following domains: academic, social, communication, and independent functioning.

• Act as direct classroom supervisor of para-educators and provides feedback on job performance, professional conduct, and adherence to policies and procedures in collaboration with School Administrative Team as needed.



Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education and Illinois State Type 10 teaching certificate or LBS1 (limited or unlimited)


Bachelor’s Degree and an Illinois State teaching certificate in an area of regular education, and a special education endorsement, letter of approval or a short term emergency letter of approval.

Minimum Experience:

Completion of required clinical hours for teaching degree/certificate


Ability to multi-task in a high stress environment

Ability to interact with diverse personalities


Experience working with special needs population necessary

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