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Family & Consumer Science Teacher:

Introduce the student to the basic principles that promote healthful eating by using, reading and understanding food labels, nutrition information and by making wise decisions as consumers. Students will learn how to choose,  purchase, prepare, and eat healthy foods in a variety of settings. Emphasis is on using current government guidelines to prepare nutritious foods. Cultural diversity, food technology, culinary equipment, and fitness are studied. Careers in foods and nutrition are explored.

Provides students with the opportunity to prepare foods from a variety of world cuisines, including Mediterranean, European, Scandinavian, Mid-Eastern, Asian and Latin American. Dietary staples, traditional dishes, meal patterns, culture and food customs for each country will be examined to help students gain an awareness of factors that shape individual cuisines.

Provides students with the opportunity to explore a variety of baking and pastry techniques. Kitchen lab applications include baking specialty quick breads, yeast breads, preparing delicious pies, pastries and beautifully decorated cakes. Students develop an understanding of the interaction of basic ingredients and food science principles needed to prepare baking projects.

Provides students with the opportunity to prepare foods from a variety of American Regional cuisines, including New England, Mid-Atlantic, the South, Midwest, West and Southwest, Pacific Coast, and American Islands. Students examine the influence of immigrant cultures in each region, food availability, and cooking techniques of each region.

Must be NJ Certified as a Family & Consumer Science Teacher

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