MS Science Teacher

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Position Areas


Position Title: 

Certified Teacher 




Division Department: 

CPS, CES, CMS, CHS, Pre-k, or Central Office 

Evaluation Instrument: 

Certified TKES 


Pay Grade: 

CCS Certified Salary Schedule 

Pay Type: 





Contract Work Year: 

10 month 





Reports to: 

School Principal 






Education and Experience:   

  •  Must hold a current Georgia teaching certificate or meet the professional qualifications as outlined in the District Improvement Plan (DIP). 


This position provides appropriate learning experiences and educational opportunities based on knowledge of each child and plans for his/her maximum development.   


  • Demonstrates appropriate verbal and written communication skills with students, parents and other school personnel. 

  • Is available to students and parents for conferences according to system policies. 

  • Facilitates home-school communication by such means as holding conferences, telephoning, and sending written communication. 

  • Uses state, benchmark and other tests results to develop and improve the instructional program for all students assigned to the teacher. 

  • Serves all students with appropriate instructional strategies at appropriate levels. 

  • Follows direct/or school prescribed assessment strategies and procedures. 

  • Mitigates deficiencies through a Professional Learning Plan for Improvement, if required. 

  • Implements a Professional Growth Plan or Goal each year. 

  • Provides instruction based upon designated curriculum and/or individual student needs. 

  • Demonstrates adequate, current knowledge of subject matter. 

  • Uses research based best practices throughout instruction. 

  • Effectively assesses and encourages student progress by promoting engagement, monitoring student progress, responding to adequate and inadequate performances and showing support of students in an appropriate manner. 

  • Creates a professional portfolio that lists student and professional goals with data and completes all prescribed activities outlined in professional development plan according to timelines indicated. 

  • Participates in professional organizations and staff development activities.  

  • Completes reports, documentation, duties and other assignments in a prompt and professional manner.  

  • Complies with school, system, state and federal regulations and policies, including the PSC Code of Ethics, as related to job requirements. 

  • Maintains a professional attitude with students, parents, community and other school employees.   

  • Attends/participates in faculty meetings and other assigned meetings. 

  • Serves on a variety of school committees to continually improve student learning. 

  • Maintains a pattern of prompt and regular attendance. 

  • Assumes responsibilities for supervising students on Campus and while away from building on school-related activities. 

  • Provides adequate information, plans, and materials for substitute teacher. 

  • Keeps adequate records and upholds confidentiality of students and records. 

  • Maintains accurate records to document student performance and attendance. 

  • Adheres to the dress code described in the Calhoun City Schools Board of Education policy. 

  • Adheres to the chain of command. 

  • Manages the learning environment by using time efficiently, maintaining an effective physical setting for instruction and maintaining appropriate student behavior in and out of the classroom, and adhering to the school behavior/discipline plan. 

  • Incorporates the use of technology into instruction in an appropriate manner. 

  • Performs other duties as assigned by supervisor. 

  • Ability to be regularly, predictably, and reliably at work. 

  • Constant and consistent ability to supervise students required. 






Job descriptions are designed and intended only to summarize the essential duties, responsibilities, qualifications, and requirements for the purpose of clarifying the general nature and scope of a position’s role as part of the overall organization. Job descriptions do not list all tasks an employee might be expected to perform, and they do not limit the right of the employer/supervisor to assign additional tasks or otherwise to modify duties to be performed – even if seemingly unrelated to the basic job. Every employee has a duty to perform all assigned tasks. It should also be noted the order of duties/ responsibilities as listed in the job description is not designed or intended to rank the duties in any order of importance relative to each other.  Employee is physically capable to lift 50 pounds. 



In filling a vacant position, preferred or required credentials regarding education, training, experience, and other bona fide occupational qualifications may be established. The credentials shown in this job description may be interpreted only as the minimum criteria existing at the time the description was developed. Other bona fide occupational qualifications and criteria may be utilized as needed in the selection process. 



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