Classroom Observation Requests (2021-2022 School Year)

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Thank you for choosing Aledo ISD for your classroom observations. Alternative certification program candidates and current college or university students needing classroom observation hours must complete this application and submit the following in order to be considered/approved to conduct observations in Aledo ISD classrooms.

1) Submit this completed Application;
2) Upload a letter of recommendation from your University/Program indicating the subject/grade area of required observation and number of hours needed.
    You can upload the letter to your application file as:  "Program Letter";
3) Complete an online background check through our system with JD Palatine.  Click here for link.

Observation requests will be handled as quickly as possible but may take 7-10 business days to complete.   
An Aledo ISD employee will contact you via email once approval has been granted.  
Please remember that classroom observation requests are subject to space and availability.  .


Observation Guidelines
1. All cell phone use for any purpose during observations is prohibited.
2. Professional dress is required for all observers.  Admittance to a campus may be denied if attire is deemed inappropriate by an administrator.
3. Remember that all information concerning students is confidential.
4. Be respectful of the campus’ ultimate purpose which is educating the students.

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