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JICA Classroom Teacher

  • A JICA Classroom Teacher is a champion for students.
  • JICA teachers work closely with their grade level colleagues and administration to provide consistent, high-quality, challenging educational opportunities for each student.
  • A JICA teacher is a quick learner who chooses a positive, solutions-focused mindset. He or she will do what is best for students, even under the most difficult circumstances.
  • A JICA teacher is a professional who can work with many different personality types, and who speaks positively about and to staff, parents, and students.
  • Every classroom has both a classroom teacher and an Instructional Assistant. The classroom teacher is responsible for the education of the students in his or her class and works closely with the instructional assistant to communicate with parents and support students.
  • The JICA Teacher implements Direct Instruction throughout the entire school day and works closely with instructional coaches to implement training and continually improve in teaching effectively.
  • We have visitors regularly coming to JICA to see how our school achieves such a high level of success for both students and staff.

8. James Irwin Charter Academy has received a “Performance with Distinction” rating in 2015, 2019 and 2020 on our school performance framework, which considers a school’s academic, financial, and organizational data. Subsequently, we want to have staff that have a "mission calling" to educating students with a “student-first” mindset.

  • The beginning teacher salary is $32,000 per year. Classroom teachers must have a Bachelor’s Degree and have completed the PRAXIS in Elementary Education (5001).
  • Classroom Teachers receive full benefits. Our benefit package is excellent - truly - and provides health, dental, and limited vision benefits. James Irwin Charter Schools' benefits for full-time employees cover all the employee's costs for insurance. FT employees may choose from several options for their insurance plans, including a traditional co-pay plan or a high deductible plan with a Health Savings Account.
  • There are 191 work days in the JICS working agreement. This extends from August through May.
  • Full time employees are paid monthly in 12 equal amounts.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $32,000.00 /year

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