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TITLE:  Cafeteria Cook:  (10 months)

QUALIFICATIONS:      1.    High School diploma or equivalent.
                                     2.    Certified in food safety.
                                     3.    School cafeteria experience preferred.
                                     4.    Ability to complete successfully the performance
                                            responsibility of the position.

REPORTS TO:         School Cafeteria Manager

SUPERVISES:          Assists in the supervision of cafeteria employees assigned to the school
JOB GOAL:              Prepare and cook items following a menu and following hazardous assessment of critical control points (HACCP).


  1. Does all the cooking for hot lunches.
  2. Helps serving lunches.
  3. Prepares food for the next day.
  4. Cleans tables and stove.
  5. Helps others who need help when duties are finished.
  6. Ability to adjust recipes, using basic math skills, to accommodate the number of students to be fed.
  7. Performs such other related tasks as the Food Services Manager assigns.
  1. Standing: (Continuous) remain standing on one’s feet on hard surfaces.
  2. Walking: (Frequent) moving from area to area.
  3. Lifting: (Frequent) Raising or lowering and object 5lbs to 50 lbs.
  4. Pushing/Pulling (Frequent) Exerting force upon and object to move that object to the desired  location.
  5. Crouching/Squatting: (Frequent) to access food and materials from floor to waist level or counter.
  6. Carrying: (Frequent) transporting an object 5 to 10 lbs. by hand, arm, or shoulder.
  7. Climbing: (Occasional) Stairs and footstools and storeroom ladders
  8. Reaching: (Frequent) extending the hands and arms in any direction.
  9. Coordination Balance: performing work using Eye/Hand/foot using any two.
  10. Grasping/Handling: (Continuous) seizing, holding, grasping, or otherwise working with one’s hands.
Occasional:     6-33% of the time
Frequent:         34 – 66% of the time
Continuous: 67% - 100%
TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT:    Salary and work year established by the Board.
EVALUATION:  Annually by the Food Service and Cafeteria Managers.
DATE:            October 2008
                       November 2011
New London Public Schools
New London, Connecticut

 New London Public School District is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. 
Candidates from diverse racial, ethnic and cultural backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

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