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4601 Sauk Trail
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TITLE: Media Specialist
QUALIFICATIONS:      1.  Meets Illinois licensure requirements.
                                     2. Such other qualifications as the Board/Superintendent may deem appropriate             
REPORTS TO:  Building Principal

  1.  Teaches information literacy, encourages independent and collaborative inquiry, and promotes life-long learning. 
  2. Collaborates with teachers to design and integrate learning activities that equip students to locate, evaluate, and use a broad range of ideas responsibly and effectively. 
  3. Works collaboratively and individually to design, develop, and implement programs that encourage reading for enjoyment and for information. 
  4. Evaluates, acquires, provides, and promotes information resources to meet the learning needs of all learners. 
  5. Participates in web based networks that expand the library media center’s capacity to access information globally. 
  6. Provides assistance in the use of technology to access information. 
  7. Uses a variety of instructional methods with different user groups and demonstrates the effective use of media and technologies. 
  8. Oversees all aspects of the daily operation of the library/media program. 
  9. Administers the program budget and oversees acquisition and use of smooth operation of the program. 
  10. Informs teachers, students, parents, and administrators of new materials, equipment, and services that meet their information needs.
  11. Establishes a welcoming and appealing environment. 
  12. Works cooperatively with local public library district. 
  13. Determines the District media program’s information and instructional needs and develops a budget that provides for the purchasing and upkeep of all resources the program requires to meet those needs. 
  14. Adheres to the policies and procedures of the district and negotiated contract. 
  15. Utilizes effective discipline procedures that reflect school guidelines. 
  16. Establishes and maintains standards of student behavior necessary to achieve an appropriate learning atmosphere. 
  17. Maintains professional, technical, and instructional competence through staff development opportunities. 
  18. Participates in meetings and activities, as required. 
  19. Establishes positive relationships with parents/guardians and other staff members. 

EVALUATION: Building Principal

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Submit your resume, credentials, license and at least 3 references to 4601 Sauk Trail Richton Park, IL 60471


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Matteson School District 162 is an equal opportunity employer.

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