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TITLE:                 ESL Instructional Assistant
LOCATION:         Middle School and Elementary Buildings
REPORT TO:       Teacher, Principal, and Director of Student Services
Summary of Purpose
The Instructional Assistant is a staff employee, directly responsible to the teacher(s) under whom he/she works.  The Instructional Assistant provides support and intervention to students through teacher-directed strategies and activities.
Essential Functions
Instructional Assistant:
1.         Assists teacher in implementing instructional lessons and evaluation student progress.
2.         Assists teacher in planning and preparing materials for instruction.
3.         Assists teacher in implementing strategies to meet the individual and collective needs of the students.
4.         Assists students individually or in groups with instructional activities, skills reinforcement, review, and re-teaching at the direction of the teacher.
5.         Assists teacher in monitoring student behavior while in class or throughout the school area.
Marginal Functions
Marginal Functions will vary with the specific assignment and depend on the particular position function for which the person is responsible.
1.         Clerical Duties (copying, paper correcting, laminating, attendance, etc.)
2.         Cafeteria and Hallway Duties
3.         Arrival/Dismissal Duties
This position accomplishes most of its tasks through standard procedures.  Internal contacts include the principal, teachers, other school staff members, students, and other school district employees.  External contacts include parents and community members.
Minimum Requirements
1.         High School Diploma
2.          Speaks fluent Spanish preferred.
3.         Experience with children, exceptional and/or non-exceptional.
4.         For Middle School ESL:  Experience with secondary student subject areas preferred.
4.         Basic computer skills including work processing, e-mail, accessing and creating files, and utilizing the Internet.
5.         Must secure all background checks as required by PA Department of Education.
7.         Maintain confidentiality.
Special Skills
1.         Present a clean, neat, and well-groomed appearance.
2.         Show compassion in dealing with the physical, social, and emotional needs of students.
3.         Display a cooperative attitude in working with all staff members.
4.         Communicate clearly with staff, students, and parents.
Physical -                      Sit:       50%     walk/stand       50%
                                    Lifting:  minimal
                                    Vision:  normal 
Mental -            1.         Must be able to read and understand instructions.
                        2.         Must be able to communicate in oral and written language.
                        3.         Must be willing to extend education through training programs recommended by the district.
Environment:    Normal school environment.
The Instructional Assistant is directly responsible to the teacher under whom he/she works.  The building principal and Director of Student Services will be responsible for supervision of the Instructional Assistant.
The above description covers the most significant essential and marginal functions but does not exclude other occasional responsibilities and accountabilities the inclusion of which would be in conformity with the major purpose of this job.
Board revised and approved: 9/20/2016

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