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Performs all necessary duties involved in the preparation and service of school meals and sanitation of the job site.  Any other additional duties may be assigned by supervisor.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Performs duties
  • Practices correct sanitation procedures in preparing/serving food, cleaning the facility, using and sanitizing equipment, and personal grooming to assure that sanitation standards are met.
  • Follows approved standards of sanitation for personal hygiene and grooming and performs personal grooming habits only in the rest room.
  • Maintains recommended levels of chemicals used to sanitize utensils, dishes, pots/pans food preparation equipment, dishcloths, and serving counters and tables.
  • Follows work schedules required to clean and sanitize utensils, equipment, and the physical facility.
  • Prepares and serves food according to approved standards of sanitation.
  • Follows established procedures to maintain an effective insect and rodent control system.
  1. Follows the manager's instructions in food preparation.
  • Follows assigned production schedule.
  • Organizes tasks when assembling food, supplies and utensils necessary to prepare recipes.
  • Uses efficient work techniques.
  • Uses all equipment correctly.
  • Uses correct utensils for food preparation.
  • Evaluates food quality during preparation and service using both subjective and objective indicators.
  • Uses correct thawing methods.

C.Follows manager's instructions in portioning, garnishing and serving meals

  • Follows meal pattern requirements in serving student and adult meals.
  • Uses correct utensil and serves correct portion of food with appropriate garnishes and in an attractive manner.
  • Follows standards to check temperature of food and equipment.
  • Counts portions needed and accurately reports amounts of food used, leftover food and milk by category to manager. 

  1. Maintains  required  forms  and  records  as  assigned  by  manager.
           Assists with withdrawals menu pull sheets, inventories, plate count, leftover food lists, temperature logs, etc. as directed by manager.
  • Accurately completes required forms. 
E.  Participates in implementing cost containment measures while maintaining quality.
  •     Minimizes  food  and  supply  waste  by  following  recipes  and  cooking  at recommended temperatures.
  •     Utilizes  work  simplification  measures
  •     Collapses  corrugated  cardboard  boxes,  rinses/bags  tin  cans and deposits  card  boards and cans  in  appropriate  receptacles  for        recycling  at  designated  time.
  • Use  proper  procedure  for  disposal  of  food  waste  so  BOD  reading 
      are kept within accepted limits.
F.    Follows procedures for personal habits. 
  • Adheres to established personal hygiene and sanitation practices.
  • Presents clean, neat appearance.
  • Performs personal grooming habits only in the restroom.
  • Adheres to established EBRPSS CNP Dress Code. 
G.     Demonstrates the ability to work with school community.
  • Relates and communicates positively with students, co-workers, school staff and parents creating good feelings about the Child Nutrition Program.
  • Accepts special assignments when necessary.
  • Adapts and willingly accepts changes in routine.
  • Listens and readily accepts constructive criticism.
  • Displays initiative and enthusiasm about the job.
  • Displays loyalty to school and immediate supervisor.
  • Displays integrity, honesty and dependability.
  • Maintains self-control over emotions.
H.   Follows procedures in personnel matters including grievance, leave, etc.
  • Follows school and departmental regulations.
  • Performs responsibilities and uses correct lines of communication within the school and school district.
  • Discusses complaints using correct chain of command, beginning with the manager.

  1. Displays willingness to upgrade job knowledge and skills.
           Attends and participates in job-related training.
  • Applies knowledge and/or skills obtained from in-service training to performance on the job.
  • Relates training to personal health and job responsibilities.
  • Participates in job-related professional activities in School Nutrition Association.

  1. Follows  standards  of  safety  in  preparing,  storing  and  serving  food.

  • Performs basic first aid techniques in an emergency.
  • Operates and cleans equipment according to acceptable procedures.
  • Reports accidents and potential safety hazards to manager or immediate supervisor.
  • Know how and is able to operate fire extinguisher.
  • Uses, cleans and stores knives and small/large equipment items according to proper procedures.

  1. Communicates  with  manager,  co-workers,  students,  parents,  teachers,  principals  and  others  conducting  business  at  school.

  • Gives and receives information.
  • Understands and interprets written and verbal instructions.
  • Determines when an independent decision can be made.
L.  Maintains organization and cleanliness in all areas.
  • Cleans inside of refrigerators, freezers and milk boxes regularly.
  • Cleans windows,  walls,  shelves,  tables,   chairs,  bins,  equipment,  etc.
  • Mops  and  waxes  floors  in  kitchen  and  dining  room.
  • Stacks  cases  of  goods  in dry  or  refrigerated  storage  areas  as  designated  by  the
  • manager.
  • Marks  day,  date,  price  of  food  on  cases,  cans  and  boxes.  Withdraws  food  as 
  • directed.  Places  cans  of  food  on  shelves  as  needed.
  • Scrapes  plates,  runs  dish  machine,  empties  garbage  and  trash  containers.
  • Keeps  work  area  organized  and  uncluttered  including  drawers,  shelves  and  tops 
  • of  tables  and  equipment.
 Qualifications: ·Ability  to  work  well  with  others. Must  have  reliable  transportation.

The East Baton Rouge Parish School System and all of its entities (including Career and Technical Education Programs) does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, religion, national origin, disability or gender in its educational programs and activities (including employment and application for employment), and it is prohibited from discriminating on the basis of gender by Title IX (20 USC 168) and on the basis of disability by Section 504 (42 USC 794). The Title IX Coordinator is Andrew Davis, Director of Risk Management (, - phone (225)929-8705. The Section 504 Coordinator is Elizabeth Taylor Chapman, Director of Exceptional Student Services ( – phone (225)929-8600.


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