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POSITION: Math Teacher, Secondary

REPORTS TO: School Principal, Secondary

Abides by and supports the vision, mission, values, policies and procedures of Chavez/Huerta Preparatory Academy. Under general supervision, teaches one or more classes in the specific field of instruction to students, assists in other school programs as assigned, and creates a rigorous program and environment favorable to learning and personal growth in accordance with each student's ability. The Teacher teaches the adopted curriculum to assigned students while maintaining a safe, orderly, and positive teaching environment.

  • Strong commitment to, belief in, and alignment with mission and vision of school.
  • Possession of, at minimum, a Bachelors Degree.

  • Possess Colorado Teaching License (Preferred)
  • Highly qualified in the area teaching as defined by ESSA (24 credit hours in subject to teach)
  • Possess middle or high school level teaching experience (Preferred)
  • Strong knowledge of Colorado Model Content Standards in all relevant grades and subjects.
  • Knowledge of and commitment to Character Education
  • Ability to utilize school databases (PowerSchool, Alpine and NWEA)
  • Demonstrated experience in the instruction of students with varied
learning styles and levels of mastery preferred
  • Experience and/or skills working with culturally diverse populations desired
  • Ability to assess data, find trends, and use information to make strategic decisions.
  • Knowledge of national content standards.

  • Exceptional verbal and written communication skills.

  • Excellent technical writing, organizational skills, ability to multi-task and prioritize strategically.
  • Ability to approach situations with optimism and perseverance, willingness to take personal responsibility, open to and interested in feedback on performance, eagerness to continue to improve in effectiveness, and steady determination to pursue excellence regardless of the situation. Must be able to utilize interpersonal skills to deal effectively with elementary and/or middle level students, parents and community
  • Must possess the necessary knowledge base for the shared decision making and issues management
  • Must operate at the highest levels of the effective and cognitive domain

  • Must embody the characteristics of good learners.
  • Embody mission and vision of school.
  • Must successfully utilize strong interpersonal skills with staff, parents and students in conflict
  • Must be able to work as part of a team
  • Plan and implement instruction to ensure that all students meet and exceed the State Core
      Curriculum Content Standards in regards to Math
  • Teaches knowledge and skills in Mathematics including Algebra
  • Demonstrate numeric functions, equations, and various mathematical principles to students.
  • Develops lesson plans and appropriate instructional aids stressing the mathematical approaches, problem solving, critical thinking and analytical skills in order for students to reach a mastery in Algebra.
  • Use a variety of methods and teaching strategies to make sure their students understand the principles of algebra and can solve algebraic problems.
  • Teach skills that will be essential to prepare students for higher math courses
  • Help students think hypothetically, figure out causes and effects, understand mathematical structures, and verify solutions.
  • Committed to developing a particular expertise and improving the skills of their students through consistent, well-structured lessons

  • Instruct using a standards-based model that addresses the performance levels, learning styles, abilities and various backgrounds of students so that each student may attain or exceed the expectations and standards established by the school.

  • Use effective teaching practices.
  • Implement assigned portions of students’ Individualized Education Programs (“IEP”).
  • Assess the learning, achievement, and performance of each student and report the results as required by school procedures
  • Help students set academic and personal goals, and monitor progress toward those goals.
  • Recommend budget needs to the Principal.

  • Engage the learners in differentiated learning experiences for the range of skill levels and developmental needs found in the classroom, managing, when appropriate, multiple instructional activities simultaneously.
  • Provide and effectively organize a variety of materials, equipment, media, and community resources to support the instructional program, using school approved procedures.
  • Organize and supervise approved field trips to enhance classroom learning.
  • Monitor the pacing of instruction and budget class time efficiently by providing clear directions, outlining expectations, and effectively bringing to closure instructional experiences.
  • Submit lesson plans in the approved format to the Principal as required and requested.
  • Use effective presentation skills when employing direct instruction, including appropriate
vocabulary and examples, clear and legible visuals, and articulate and audible speech.
  • Model, promote, and, take the opportunity to provide instruction related to character education including citizenship and responsible behavior (respect for self, others and property), bullying prevention, conflict resolution skills, and responsible work habits and ethics.
  • Develop a mentoring relationship with students.

  • Document and communicate student progress by completing required charts and reports on a regular basis.
  • Maintain an orderly, positive learning environment free from disruptive behavior by implementing proactive classroom management strategies and enforcing the Student Conduct Code.  
  • Work with content level teams to disseminate content level areas of concern that can be addressed in the classroom.
  • Maintain absolute confidentiality with regard to academic progress and/or personal information concerning students.

  • Building Security/Safety Support by ensuring that duty supervision is a priority.
  • Attend Regularly scheduled staff meetings (all staff, PLCs, Data teams, content and grade level)
  • Work Cooperatively with K-12 staff to ensure a seamless K-12 curriculum.
  • Provide frequent and timely formative and summative assessments as required by the school policy.
  • Administer all mandated state standardized assessments according to rules and regulations established by the Colorado Department of Education.
  • Communicate student progress to parents in a consistent manner.
  • Update student grades weekly.
  • Maintains professional competence through professional development education activities provided by CHPA and/or in self-selected professional growth activities.
  • Other duties as assigned by Principal

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