Part Time Elementary Teaching - Job Share 3rd Grade

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Description:  3rd Grade Teacher - Part Time Job Share 

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Two teachers will provide teaching duties of one full time equivalent position on a part-time basis.

Non-precedential agreement authorizing job sharing for one school year.

Two teachers shall be authorized to part-time job sharing assignments for the 2021-2022 school term under the following terms:
a.     Each teacher shall be paid a pro-rated salary based upon part-time employment in accordance with the hours that each teacher works;
b.     That the reduction of hours to part time shall make participating employees ineligible for participation in the Board’s health insurance benefits available to employees;
c.     Each teacher shall not accrue seniority;
d.     Each teacher shall advance on the salary schedule if worked from the entire school year;
e.     Each teacher shall have preparation time totaling a minimum of 20 minutes per day, or an average of one hundred (100) minutes per week, excluding early dismissal/late start days and any school improvement days. No more than two plan periods in a typical five-day work week will be used for scheduled meetings;
f.      Each teacher must attend all eight half-day school improvement activities and all four Teacher Institute Days and all parent teacher conferences;
g.      Each teacher shall accrue benefit days on a pro-rated basis, in accordance with the hours worked.

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