High School Science Teacher

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Lead Teacher/Department Head

Must hold a certificate issued by any agency.
The certificate position area must be in one of the following areas: Science, Biology/Life Science, Chemistry, Earth Science, Environmental Science, Physics, Science (General), Space Science.
The certificate must be in one of the following grades: 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th.


The Teacher position is responsible for coaching, motivating and instructing high school students within the company model and with attention given to each student’s Individual Graduation Plan (IGP). All for-credit courses are aligned to state standards and are delivered in such a way to engage student learning, and accelerate the accumulation of credits through a mastery-based educational model. In many respects, the teacher acts more like a coach and mentor in this environment and is specifically focused on ensuring the success of his/her students.

Primary Responsibilities:

• Provide a learning environment of high student accountability that is student-centered and aligned with the school’s academic goals and specified objectives. Evaluation Criteria: o Recognition of student achievement (incentive charts, certificates) is displayed throughout the classroom o Standard Operating Model (SOM) resources (textbooks, calculators, student notebooks, etc.) are available to students in the classroom o Administrator observations indicate twice monthly delivery of prescribed social-emotional curriculum o Positive phone calls made monthly to each advisory student/parent as recorded in the Contact Log o 100% of students in advisory group receive feedback at least once each month via My Success©

• Provide direction and leadership within the classroom by displaying an effective working knowledge of the subject matter and by demonstrating best practices relating to teaching/instructional techniques. Evaluation Criteria: o Demonstrated ability to effectively assist students in assigned subject area(s) – 85% of students who are active after 90 days of enrollment will have completed 2.5 credits; 85% of students who are active after 180 days of enrollment will have completed 5.0 credits o Adherence to instructional practices within SOM and teacher evaluation system o Use applicable, appropriate Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 instructional techniques and interventions to effectively support students at all levels as documented in the Response to Intervention tools or meeting notes o Documentation of active participation in required professional development

• Assist in all initiatives to ensure school meets defined FTE enrollment and attendance goals. Evaluation Criteria o Student daily attendance for advisory group is 70% or higher o Student retention rate for advisory group is 70% or higher o Attendance calls made for absent advisory students on day/during session of student absence as recorded in the Contact Log o School meets or exceeds FTE enrollment goals

• Maintain progress monitoring reports, attendance and behavioral records, academic grades, and other student records as required by state regulatory guidelines and company policy and procedures. Evaluation Criteria: o Accurate and up to date Progress Monitoring Logs for all assigned students o Attendance audits indicate adherence to company’s policies for attendance record keeping o Up to date grade books in instructional software and STARS and other student records o Pacing guides are complete, monitored, and modified (if applicable)

• Collaborate effectively and professionally with peers to develop, plan, and implement best educational practices based upon the individual academic needs of the students that are aligned with company goals. Evaluation Criteria: o Collegiality and professionalism is at the applying or innovating level as per the approved Florida instructional model protocol tool o Meeting agendas and sign in sheets documenting participation in Individual Educational Plan (IEP) and English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) meetings o Meeting agendas and sign in sheets documenting participation in academic planning meetings

• Participate in professional development courses or activities to maintain appropriate certification or credentials based on position. Evaluation Criteria: o Up to date certification and required endorsements o Up to date Individual Professional Development Plan aligned with School Improvement Plan o Sign in sheets documenting participation in all company provided training and professional development o Documentation of participation in all district required training and professional development

• Perform all other duties as assigned, which are aligned in accordance with company policy and procedures to ensure student educational and behavioral goals and objectives are achieved.

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