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District employees receive first consideration for open positions for a five-day period.  If not filled by a district employee, outside candidates will then receive consideration.  

Probation Rate: $17.41HR - Step 1: $22.20 HR

Title:                                          Bus Driver
Immediate Supervisor:             Maintenance/Transportation Supervisor
Evaluation Supervisor:             Maintenance/Transportation Supervisor
A Bus Driver is responsible for providing safe transportation for students between pick up points and school.  The drive maintains order during trips and adherence to safety rules when loading and unloading students.
This list of essential functions is not exhaustive and may be supplemented as necessary.
Depending upon individual assignment, the Bus Driver may perform all or a combination of several of the following duties:

  1. Drives bus on assigned routes in a legal and safe manner.
  2. Instructs students and teachers in emergency bus evacuation procedures.
  3. Conducts emergency bus evacuation drills.
  4. Instruct students in proper bus conduct.
  5. Reports misconduct on bus through established district procedures.
  6. Conducts pre-trip and post-trip bus inspection to insure all parts are operating and the bus is safe.
  7. Fuels bus as needed.
  8. Cleans the interior of the bus daily.
  9. Cleans the exterior of the bus as needed.
  10. Completes daily log forms and other required paper work, including annual ridership reporting, accurately and promptly.
  11. Reports all bus mechanical efficiencies to the Transportation Supervisor.
  12. Dresses appropriately for a school setting.
  13. Performs other related duties as assigned.
  1. Ability to use effective oral and written communication skills.
  2. Ability to listen and react professionally.
  3. Ability to drive to different locations as needed.
  4. Ability to deal with staff, students and others in a warm and confident manner.
  5. Ability to remain flexible to changes in assignments or situations.
  6. Ability to follow and give instructions.
  7. Ability to work independently with minimal supervision.
  8. Ability to set priorities.
  9. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with staff, students and community.
  10. Must pass the annual Superintendent of Public Instruction school bus driver physical certification requirement.
  11. Ability to operate mechanical cleaning equipment.
  12. Ability to maintain accurate records.
  13. Employee must be physically able to perform the following:
    • Lift a maximum of 60 pounds
    • Able to maneuver and control a school bus under all driving conditions
    • Able to use all hand/or foot operated controls and equipment found on state minimum specified school buses
    • Perform daily routine school bus vehicle safety inspections and necessary emergency roadside services (such as chaining up the bus during inclement weather)
    • Has sufficient strength and agility to move about in a school bus as required to provide assistance to students in evacuating the bus
    • Able to move from a seated position in a sixty-five passenger school bus, or the largest school bus the driver will be operating, to the emergency door, and exit the bus through the emergency door within twenty-five seconds
    • Will provide certification of passing a physical examination every twenty-four months in accordance with the standards established in 49 C.F.R. 391.49 of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.
    • Has completed a Type I training course and each year thereafter, will satisfactorily complete a Type I school bus driver in-service training course
Driving a multi-passenger school bus on regular routes or on special trips as assigned.  Requires working out in inclement weather. Required to deal effectively with a wide range of human behaviors in problem solving situations, which may include angry or distraught people.  Requires dealing with such unpleasant tasks (with proper gloves, masks, safety procedures) as:
  • Cleaning vomit, excrement and other substances from surfaces including seats, fixtures, and floors
  • Emergency roadside repairs such as chaining up tires and setting flares
Education and Experience
  • High School graduation or equivalent
  • Experience cleaning and maintaining carpets, hard floors and wood floors desirable
  • Demonstrates communication skills
  • Demonstrates high energy and professionalism
Special Requirements/Licenses
  • Valid Washington State Driver’s license
  • Current commercial driver’s license appropriate for the size vehicle they will drive, including a passenger endorsement and school bus endorsement.
  • Maintain and carry a valid Department of Transportation medical examiner’s certificate.
  • Valid First Aid/CPR card
  • Required to attend the District’s health and work safety classes when presented
  • Schedule and hours per day will be determined by the Maintenance/Transportation Supervisor and District/student needs.
  • Initial assignments may be subject to change due to needs of students, enrollment of students and needs of the district.
  • Salary and benefits are granted per the Soap Lake Education Support Personnel Collective Bargaining Agreement.

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