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Job Purpose:

The Science Teacher position is responsible for coaching, motivating and instructing high school students within the company model and with attention given to each student’s Individual Graduation Plan. All for-credit courses are aligned to state standards and are delivered in such a way to engage student learning, and accelerate the accumulation of credits through a mastery-based educational model. In many respects, the teacher acts more like a coach and mentor in this environment and is specifically focused on ensuring the success of her students.

Primary Responsibilities:

• Provides a learning environment that is team-oriented, student-centered and aligned with the company’s academic goals and specified objectives.

• Creates Individual Graduation Plan for each of his/her students and uses this as the basis to track each student’s academic performance

• Acts as a mentor, facilitator, advocate and coach to support, mentor and guide students through their IGP using the technology and other resources available. • Provides positive support for all the students within the classroom in conjunction with overseeing and monitoring individual student progress and the use of resources and equipment.

• Uses only forms or reporting records approved and /or adopted by the company.

• Provides direction and leadership within the classroom by displaying an effective working knowledge of the subject matter and by demonstrating best practices relating to teaching/instructional techniques.

• Maintains progress monitoring reports, attendance and behavioral records, academic grades and other student records as required by state regulatory guidelines and company policy and procedures.

• Effectively facilitates positive interaction between students and their peers as well as with the instructional staff.

• Collaborates with peers to develop, plan and implement best educational practices based upon the individual academic needs of the students that are aligned with company goals.

• Employs excellent customer service principles when working with school staff members, parents and students.

• Participates in professional development courses or activities to maintain appropriate certification or credentials based on position.

• Performs all other instructional and academic duties as deemed necessary, which are aligned in accordance with company policy and procedures that ensures educational goals are achieved.