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ASD Foundation Executive Director

The Allentown School District Foundation (ASDF) was established, in 2009, as a 501(c)(3) non- profit educational foundation. The mission of the Foundation is to encourage, promote, support and fund innovative educational experiences for students in the Allentown School District. ASDF is a forward-thinking charity that supplements programming to help maintain educational standards in many academic areas while helping the school district through conduit funding to support more fundamental needs. It has grown to reflect a balance sheet reaching $1 million with a vision to achieve annually $4-5 million in support of Allentown’s student population, which emanates from homes where the English language is not the first language spoken in almost 2/3 of the households across the City. Almost 90 percent of households are classified as low-income.

The ASDF Executive Director has the overriding responsibility to ensure the Foundation’s mission is fulfilled, while sharing the Foundation’s vision and core values with the community at large.

Needing a doer and go-getter, with high energy and a genuine commitment to teachers and students in Allentown, the ASDF Executive Director must be:

  • a leader who provides clarity of mission to achieve a long-term vision for educational progress, connecting with the students, teachers and administrators of ASD, for their success,
  • responsible for the Foundation’s general management, including oversight of supplemental programming
  • able to identify and cultivate prospective and existing donor relationships,
  • adept at developing EITC program donations,
  • overseeing finances,
  • able to implement a public relations plan,
  • a developer of alumni and donor databases, and the board itself, with the goal of adding professionals with financial acumen and capacity,  the supervisor of administrative staff,
  • a grant writer and one who can identify grant opportunities, and
  • a marketer who can develop and implement a fundraising strategy, to include a successful annual appeal.

As a full-time position (with no benefits), it is the expectation that the Executive Director will develop funding sources to sustain the position and that of the part-time Foundation team.

Financial matters include oversight of funds that are donated and expended by the Foundation, creating annual budgets and reviewing monthly Treasurer’s reports,maintaining/updating legal documents and student participation reports, creating Board meeting agendas and issuing timely correspondence with donors. Working with the ASDF president and board on a daily basis is key. 

To enhance transparency, the executive director will:

  • develop and manage the Foundation e-mail list,
  • produce the Foundation’s annual report,
  • provide upgrades/updates and current content to the Foundation website,
  • post news items to the Foundation’s social media platforms and
  • manage the distribution of Foundation communication and publicity.

The ASDF Executive Director will work with the ASDF Administrator and ASDF Committee Chairpersons:

  • to identify new donors,
  • develop lists of potential alumni donors,
  • cultivate EITC funding sources
  • assist the Investment Committee in developing and sustaining the Foundation's Endowment fund.  
  • lead in the coordination of special events conducted by the Foundation,
  • accompany the Foundation Board President and other Executive Board members to meetings in the community as requested,
  • attend to any other duties as determined by the Foundation board,
  • identify and provide program coordination support and resources to expand opportunities for ASDF teachers and children

The ASDF Executive Director reports directly to the ASDF Board President. An office (classroom) is provided to the Executive Director, the ASDF Administrator, part-time bookkeeper and college intern at the ASD Administration Center in Allentown, free of charge.

The ASDF Board of Directors is comprised of 18-22 community leaders who give 100% in dues and contributions every year.

Work Requirements:


  • Significant professional experience as a director of a non-profit organization, or a community relations department within a high-level corporation or as ad evelopment officer in an educational setting.
  • Experience with financial oversight and budget development.
  • Experience with public relations, marketing, social media and event planning.
  • Experience with fundraising and grant writing, with a proven track record.
  • Proficient with Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
  • Understanding of urban education challenges here in Allentown or elsewhere, a plus

Education Requirements:

College Degree in Education, Business, Non-Profit Administration, or a related field preferred.

Non-Discrimination Policy

The Allentown School District Foundation provides all persons equal opportunity, regardless of race, color, age, creed, religion, gender, sexual orientation,g ender, identity, ancestry, national origin, citizenship,marital status, pregnancy or disability.

Application Instructions:

Please forward letter of interest and resume detailing education and professional experience to Allentown School District Foundation, ATTN:  Executive Director Search, 31 South Penn Street, PO Box 328, Allentown, PA 18105. Please mark as CONFIDENTIAL. Review of resumes will begin October 19, 2020.



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