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The ESOL Teacher’s primary responsibility is to teach, screen, test, monitor, record, and report the progress of English learners (ELs). ESOL teachers instruct English learners at various levels (elementary, middle, or high school) using research-based strategies of language acquisition to maximize opportunities for academic improvement and success.

Itinerant ESOL teachers must travel to multiple schools daily to provide ESOL services.

Addition Job Information:
Provides English language assistance services using district approved delivery models for English learners (ELs) at all level of English language development. ESOL teachers instruct English learners, using research-based teaching methods and frameworks.
Prepares lessons aligned to WIDA Standards and academic language of Georgia Standards of Excellence according to state and district requirements.
Monitors, prepares, and maintains EL document related to services, accommodations, and student progress as required by federal, state, and district mandates.
Maintains classroom discipline and behavior outside the classroom as assigned.
Collaborates with general education teachers and provides instructional resources to enhance teaching and learning, Works with support staff to provide the best instructional program for English learners.
Conducts parent/teacher conferences (including LACs, ELL/TPC, etc.) to review EL instructional accommodations, progress, performance, and behavior.
Conducts EL-related professional learning for school staff. Facilitates and/or participates in school events to promote EL parent engagement.
Participates in faculty/professional meetings, conferences, and teacher training workshop.

Minimum Qualifications:
Elementary ESOL
*Preference will be given to applicants with an ESOL P-12 certification.
*Those with ECE P-5 certification and an ESOL endorsement may also apply.


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