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QUALIFICATIONS: High School diploma (additional related training desirable but not require).  Previous secretarial experience beneficial.  Organizational skills, word processing skills and proficiency in oral and written communication skills.  Ability to operate office machines, such as computer, typewriter, copier and fax machine.  Knowledge of software applications, such as word processing, spreadsheets, and database management currently used in the District.  Ability to assume responsibility, display initiative, and exercise good judgement.  Professional and personable.  Ability to perform duties of a sensitive and confidential nature.

PREFERRED QUALIFICATIONS: Bilingual: Able to read, write, and speak Spanish fluently.

JOB SUMMARY: Performs administrative and secretarial support necessary to accomplish objectives established by the Building Principal.  Adapts to the variety of responsibilities.  Presents a positive image in contacts with the parents, community and staff.  Properly handle confidential matters relating to students, student records, parents, staff and any other school related issues.

REPORTS TO: Building Principal, Secretary to the Superintendent, and other Central Office Administrators.

SUPERVISES: Clerical/Bilingual Clerical Assistant (if applicable)

TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: Salary, benefits, and work year as established in the Support Staff Contract.


Beginning of the Year:

  1. Create class lists;
  2. Sort student files into Homeroom/Teacher sections;
  3. Have personal/emergency information sheets ready for parents to check at registration;
  4. Process all new enrollments;
  5. Pass out teacher supplies;

  1. Place staff sign-in sheet on counter and remove after the time they were scheduled to report;
  2. Import student attendance in the computer;
  3. Call parents if a student is absent and they did not call in.  (Start calls by 9:00 a.m.);
  4. Write out student tardy slips;
  5. Put lunch envelopes in the teachers’ mail boxes;
  6. Distribute Inner-District mail from the green bag:
  7. Anything that came in for the staff, place in the appropriate mail boxes
  8. Copy and place in the appropriate boxes any correspondence which was sent by the Central Office for distribution
  9. Process any student files coming from other schools or the Central Office;
  10. Post the U.S. mail - distribute to the appropriate personnel;
  11. Take messages and get them to the appropriate personnel (NOTE: Classes should not be interrupted except in an emergency.)
  12. Provide first aid to sick and injured students, staff and visitors, maintain injury reports, contact parents of students when needed. (In case of an emergency, call 911.)
  13. Make ice and/or ice packs as needed;
  14. Maintain a sign-in/sign-out sheet for parents taking students out before dismissal time.
  15. Process any new or transferring student folders.

  1. Change staff sign-in sheet for the next week.  Write in new dates;
  2. Copy previous weeks staff sign-in sheet and send original to Central Office.

  1. Create a school calendar (a copy must be sent to the Central Office by the last Monday of the month and home with the students by the last day of the month);
  2. Lunch calendar should be sent home with the students by the last day of the month;
  3. Pay invoices when needed (Principal must sign for approval - make a building copy);
  4. Complete any reports needed for end of the month student attendance;
  5. Make new lunch envelopes.

General Responsibilities:
  1. Type purchase orders as needed;
  2. Type letters that need to go home and have the Principal approve;
  3. Type and send out Early Dismissal reminder as needed;
  4. Make sure parents sign-in and are given a visitors pass;
  5. Put away any supplies that may have come in;
  6. Order paper, construction paper, rolled paper and supplies as needed;
  7. Help check in books that come in during the year and over the summer;
  8. Maintain confidentiality and loyalty to employer.
  9. Promote a positive image of the District at all times.

End of the Year:
  1. Retained students should be put back a grade in the computer so that they appear in the correct grade when roll-over is completed.
  2. Prepare all documentation requested on the Principal’s End of Year Checklist and submit to the Central Office.

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