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Civitas Education Partners (CEP) is seeking educators for the 19-20 school year and we are offering an Exceptional Work Experience for all staff members. With one purpose, 3 core values and 4 campuses, CEP is making a lasting impact on over 2,300 students in grades K-12.

CEP exists to provide equal access to opportunities that break the cycle of poverty by leading and supporting K-12 college preparatory schools. We are a school management organization that operates four campuses of Chicago International Charter School (CICS), CICS Ralph Ellison High School, CICS Northtown Academy High School, CICS Wrightwood Elementary School, and CICS ChicagoQuest High School. We aim to provide our teams and students with an exceptional experience rooted in high expectations for student achievement and civic responsibility.

Role: Special Education Teacher
Reports To: School Principal
Terms of Employment: 10 month, salary and benefits established by Civitas Education Partners

Position Summary: Informed by the school’s mission, teachers will work with students to learn the content and skills required for success with the specific course(s) and the overarching school program.

Instructors will teach appropriate content and skills by utilizing curriculum material adopted by the school as well as appropriate supplemental and teacher-made materials; develop appropriate lesson plans that accommodate the range of learning styles and specialized needs of students in the classroom; create a learning environment that encourages positive social interaction, active engagement, and self-motivation; and, actively participate with colleagues in school improvement activities, curriculum development, teaming, student support meetings and collaboration.  

Duties and Responsibilities:

Planning and Preparation:

  • Demonstrate a deep knowledge of content area and instructional pedagogy.

  • Incorporate a knowledge of students needs including academic abilities, developmental strengths or challenges, language and culture into the design of instructional activities.

  • Implement interventions, accommodations, and modifications dictated in a student's IEP, 504 Plan or SBPS Intervention Plan.

  • Set instructional outcomes that are appropriately challenging, clear, sequenced, and aligned vertically and horizontally within and across content.

  • Complete lesson and unit plans on a timely basis per the instruction of the school director.

  • Incorporate a variety of instructional resources (text, manipulatives, speakers, technology, etc.) into the teaching and learning including materials provided by Civitas and outside materials to support enrichment.

  • Design coherent well-structured units that include purposeful activities, appropriate materials, and grouping that meet the individual needs of students in the classroom.

  • Design formative and summative assessments (projects, quizzes, tests, papers, presentations, etc.) that are aligned with instructional outcomes where expectations are clearly understood by students.

  • Use assessment information to inform planning for whole class, small groups, and individual remediation and/or enrichment.

Classroom Environment:

  • Develop and maintain strong respectful and productive relationships with all members of the school community.

  • Create a classroom culture that supports respectful teacher to student, student to student, and student to teacher communications.

  • Maintain a classroom that communicates high expectations, value of content, and the importance of quality student work as demonstrated through the display of quality student work and instruction.

  • Develop and maintain a well-managed and well-organized classroom where there are clear structures, routines, and organization that support safety and learning.

  • Demonstrate a clearly defined plan for maintaining student behavior that includes clear expectations, on-going monitoring of behavior, and appropriate responses to misbehavior.

  • Maintain a classroom environment that is safe and supports the needs of a variety of learning activities.


  • Deliver instruction that communicates a clear purpose, process, and is highly engaging for students.

  • Spoken and written language directed at students is correct, incorporates new words and concepts to stretch student vocabulary.

  • Actively engage students with high quality questions that emphasize higher order thinking skills while allowing for sufficient wait time.

  • Encourage and engage students in relevant conversations during instruction where students demonstrate leadership and allow for a variety of voices to be heard.

  • Design and implement activities and assignments that cognitively engage students while allowing for adaptation and ownership to meet students’ individual needs.

  • Utilize grouping (mixed-ability or same-ability depending upon the task and focus) to support classroom learning.

  • Integrate the use of a variety of materials and resources that allow for deeper investigation and enhancement of the learning experience

  • Deliver instruction that is well paced and allows for initial engagement, focus setting, instruction, reflection, and closing.

  • Clearly communicate performance standards and expectations by which work will be evaluated.

  • Actively monitor student understanding and performance within and beyond class to inform planning and instruction.

  • Provide regular feedback to students that are constructive and supports growth and improvement.

  • Develop systems and processes that allow students to self-assess and improve performance on tasks.

  • Demonstrate flexibility and responsiveness to adjust lessons to meet the needs of students while also maintaining persistence in finding effective learning strategies that will support student success.

  • Demonstrate accurate reflection on the effectiveness of lessons or units that informs future teaching.

  • Maintain accurate records of completion of student assignments, student progress/grades, and non-instructional records needed to support teaching and the functioning of the school.

  • Involve students in monitoring, interpreting, and acting on grades.

  • Utilize school based communication platforms (Remind, PowerSchool, etc) to connect with parents/caregivers on a regular basis in regards to the course expectations, instructional program, and student progress (positive and concerns).

Bachelor's degree and LBS1 endorsement (Required)
Master's degree (Preferred)

Application Procedure:
Apply online @ Civitasedpartners.org

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