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Description: Performs a variety of non-teaching classroom support and student personal care services as directed under the supervision of an assigned teacher.
Position: 35 hrs/week MD Classroom-Middle School
Note: The below lists are not ranked in order of importance

Essential Functions:

  • Checks with the teacher for instructions.  Works with small groups and/or individual students. Seeks advice when expectations are unclear
  •  Upholds governing board policies and follows administrative procedures
  •  Promotes a favorable image of the service center.  Supports community partnerships that enhance service center programs and services
  •  Helps students with remedial and/or enrichment activities.  Reinforces instruction materials introduced by the teacher.  Maintains a positive learning environment
  •  Offers help when students ask or their behavior suggests they need assistance.  Avoids being intrusive.  Solves student concerns discreetly
  •  Supports an inclusive educational environment.  Helps students with disabilities participate in appropriate peer group activities as directed
  •  Assists with student mobility needs.  Helps students use assisted and/or augmentative devicesPositions students to take full advantage of each learning environment (e.g., line-of sight, proximity to equipment, height of work surfaces, etc.)
  •  Follows prescribed medical plans and/or assists students with personal hygiene care (e.g., toileting, catheterization, etc) as trained by a licensed health care professional
  •  Helps feed students.  Complies with personal hygiene rules and standard sanitation procedures
  •  Actively participates in programmed recreational activities as directed 
  •  Supervises rest periods when applicable
  •  Renders first aid and administers student medication when a nurse is not available
  •  Monitors ill students until a parent/guardian arrives
  •  Respects personal privacy.  Maintains the confidentiality of privileged information
  •  Takes precautions to ensure staff/student safety.  Does not leave students unsupervised
  •  Watches for student behavior that may indicate a problem (e.g., profanity, teasing, bullying, distress, etc.).  Intervenes and/or reports concerns immediately
  •  Maintains high standards and upholds the student conduct code
  •  Works with the classroom teacher to address persistent behavior problems
  •  Promotes the proper use and care of school property.  Reports student discipline problems, vandalism and other related concerns
  •  Reports evidence of suspected child abuse as required by law
  •  May participate in parent conferences, open houses and other required activities
  •  May participate in staff meetings and professional growth opportunities as directed
  •  Performs clerical work related to classroom activities.  Prepares and distributes teaching materials. Checks papers and scores tests as directed
  •  Accepts personal responsibility for decisions and conduct
  •  Wears appropriate work attire and maintains a neat appearance
  •  Demonstrates professionalism and contributes to a positive work environment
  •  Performs prescribed activities efficiently with limited supervision
  •  Reacts productively to interruptions and changing conditions
  •  Effectively uses verbal, nonverbal, writing and listening skills
  •  Completes paperwork accurately.  Verifies and correctly enters data
  •  Exhibits consistency, resourcefulness and resilience
  •  Exercises self-control and perseverance when dealing with students
  •  Maintains an acceptable attendance record and is punctual
  •  Completes any and all other duties as assigned by the Director of Education, Superintendent or his/her designee

  • High School diploma
  • Valid Ohio Department of Educational Aide Permit with ESEA certification
  • Documentation of a clear criminal record
  • Appointment may require successful completion of communicable disease, child abuse, CPR, first aid, and/or behavioral management training
  • Meets all mandated public health requirements (e.g. negative tuberculosis test, etc.)

  • Ability to physically manage students with disabilities
  • Self-directed and able to learn required skills for the position
  • Congenial disposition and strong diplomacy skills
  • The employee shall remain free of alcohol or nonprescribed controlled substance in the workplace throughout his/her employment in the Center
Equipment Operated:
  • Telephone
  • Motorized Vehicle
  • Computer
  • Copier
  • Fax Machine
  • Audio Visual Equipment   
Additional Working Conditions:
Note: The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job.Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.
  • May be required to operate and/or ride in a vehicle in inclement weather
  • May be required to work extended hours
  • Potential for interaction with aggressive, disruptive and/or unruly individuals
  • May require working under time constraints to meet deadlines
  • May require prolonged use of a computer keyboard and monitor


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