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Contracted 1099 PT. Range 40-55/hour.

SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGIST SUMMARY DESCRIPTION: School psychologists provide broad-based psychoeducational services in the schools that as a member of the school’s Multi-Disciplinary Team, school psychologist’s primary responsibility is conducting assessments and evaluations for initial evaluations and reevaluations for students needing or receiving special education service.


1. The school psychologist administers and interprets assessments for each eligibility category as designated in the Nevada Administrative Code. o Assessments may include academic achievement and progress, learning aptitude, social skills development, adaptive functioning, emotional development, and other areas related to determining eligibility for special education services for students. o As part of the evaluation process, the school psychologist will collaborate with parents and staff to complete a scope of evaluation or a scope of reevaluation. o Writes the Multi-Disciplinary Report. ? School psychologist includes instructionally relevant recommendations o Schedule meetings with parents to sign consent; schedule MDT/Eligibility meetings with school staff and parents. o Attends MDT to discuss results with other team members including the parents o Team determines eligibility. 2. Attending RTI meetings on students who have been involved in RTI and the RTI team decides that the student should be referred for an initial special education evaluation. 3. With administrative approval the following areas are also included in the school psychologist position: o Consultation and collaborative problem solving with school personnel and parents about student learning, behavior, and social issues. An important function of the school psychologist is to facilitate a working relationship between educators, parents and community resources, which may include assisting in referral to appropriate community agencies. o Working directly with students, teachers and parents. The school psychologist engages in a systematic process of intervention assistance and short-term support services that may focus on developing and implementing positive behavioral interventions and supports, learning strategies, counseling services, social skills instruction, and other targeted services related to promoting students’ educational success. o Serving in additional capacities. The school psychologist may be called upon to assist with crisis response/management, professional development, school improvement planning, and the evaluation of the effectiveness of school-based academic instruction and behavior management programs. Support in crisis situations may take the form of consultation, indirect support, or direct intervention services, as is reasonable and appropriate in relation to the school crisis intervention team.

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