Student Services Homeless Case Manager (49%)

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Job Description 

Position Title: 

Homeless Case Manager 




Division Department: 

Student Services 

Evaluation Instrument: 



Pay Schedule: 

Certified Salary Schedule

Pay Type: 

Salary Exempt 



Contract Work Year: 

49% (190 days)





Reports to: 

Director of Student Services 






Educational Level: Bachelor’s or Master’s in Social Work and a valid Georgia certificate  

Certification/Licensing: Georgia Certification in School Social Work 


The Homeless Case Manager collaborates directly with school personnel, families and children in identifying, developing, and implementing intervention strategies to address behavioral, academic, health, economic, attendance, or family issues specific to homeless children and youth.  Serves as a liaison between schools, home, and community agencies and services. 


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    Acts in a professional manner and maintains a professional attitude towards the public and colleagues; adheres to cultural diversity guidelines, and exhibits the fundamentals of good public/customer service. 

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    Complies with school, system, state and federal regulations and policies, including the Code of Ethics and Social Work Code of Ethics as related to job requirements 

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    Maintains confidentiality of sensitive information and material; adheres to chain of command. 

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    Participates in professional organizations, workshops and staff development activities and applies what is learned to the job;  

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    Keeps appropriate and accurate records as required for Title I and Education of Homeless Children and Youth 

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    Collects data and prepares reports associated with the position as required by local, state, federal agencies, and homeless grant goals and objectives. 

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    Assists in the identification of children as homeless according to McKinney-Vento federal guidelines. 

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    Provides case management services for identified homeless children and youth. 

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    Resolves conflicts which may be created between the individual and the school as a democratic institution regarding services for homeless children and youth 

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    Works with school personnel, families, and children in identifying, developing, and implementing intervention strategies to address behavioral, academic, health, economic, attendance, or family issues. 

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    Consults and collaborates with other school personnel in developing appropriate case management plans regarding identified homeless students.  

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    Is involved in ongoing collaboration with other community agencies to assist homeless students and their families with identified problems. 

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    Advocates with other service providers to identify neighborhood and community issues and gaps in services and attempts to mobilize resources in response to identified homeless student and family needs. 

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    Enlists the aid of community agencies and resources to meet the tangible needs of homeless students and families when these are factors in non-attendance, social emotional growth and/or academic growth. 

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    Maintains special knowledge and understanding of social work practices, state laws pertaining to homeless children and youth, and state and local board policies. 

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    Maintains a professional awareness of regulations regarding child welfare, attendance, and student homelessness by having a working knowledge of state law, board policy, administrative regulations, and attendance through professional training sessions, conferences, and workshops. 

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    Maintains effective liaison between the state department and organized groups within the state for the purpose of interpreting needs, aims, functions, and developments in working with homeless children and youth. 

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    Skills in counseling, ability to communicate with students, teachers, and parents. 

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    Ability to communicate well with school personnel, parents, students and central office staff while complying with the confidentiality requirements in local, state, and federal policies.  (Oral and written communication skills) 

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    Ability to work productively under pressures of time and volume. 





Job descriptions are designed and intended only to summarize the essential duties, responsibilities, qualifications, and requirements for the purpose of clarifying the general nature and scope of a position’s role as part of the overall organization. Job descriptions do not list all tasks an employee might be expected to perform, and they do not limit the right of the employer/supervisor to assign additional tasks or otherwise to modify duties to be performed – even if seemingly unrelated to the basic job. Every employee has a duty to perform all assigned tasks. It should also be noted the order of duties/ responsibilities as listed in the job description is not designed or intended to rank the duties in any order of importance relative to each other.  Employee is physically capable to lift 50 pounds. 



In filling a vacant position, preferred or required credentials regarding education, training, experience, and other bona fide occupational qualifications may be established. The credentials shown in this job description may be interpreted only as the minimum criteria existing at the time the description was developed. Other bona fide occupational qualifications and criteria may be utilized as needed in the selection process. 



Adopted:  August 2020 


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