ESE Teacher (grades 9-12) (#230247)

Posted 5 months ago

Position Reports To Position Type Teacher-ESE Full Time Grade 9-12 Principal Salary / Exempt Work Schedule Salary Schedule Start Date 12-Month Position 7:30am – 4:00pm Set Annually Performance Based Schedule August 8, 2016

MAJOR FUNCTION: Instructional position responsible for the educational leadership of students in a group or class in an innovative charter school. The educational leader is expected to understand and demonstrate the use of the school’s curriculum, student instructional delivery, both through computer based and traditional methods and assessment to maximize educational achievement for all students; work collaboratively to ensure a working and learning climate for all students that is safe, secure and respectful. Implementing strategies to reach the multiple intelligences of students through creative lessons is required. Provide advisory leadership to students who have not been successful in the traditional high school setting.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: • Understands central concepts, tools of inquiry, and structure of the discipline(s) taught and makes subject matter meaningful to students. • Develops a climate and culture of openness, fairness, mutual respect, support and inquiry. • Engages every student in grade level appropriate learning experiences that promote performance. • Listens and interacts effectively with students, parents, colleagues, and community members, respecting diverse perspectives. • Demonstrates respect for students, colleagues, administrators, and parents. • Models and reinforces self-discipline and responsibility. • Models and promotes effective positive conflict resolution techniques • Works effectively with school colleagues, parents, and the community to support students’ learning and well-being. • Provides professional leadership to establish a culture conducive to learning and student diversity, involves students in the development of a mission and goals that support the school’s goals and guide classroom decisions, and uses data for continual improvement. • Develops and implements a strategic personalized planning system including course, unit and lesson plans based on both student’s IEP and Personalized Learning Plan • Provides opportunities for students to demonstrate appropriate progress toward graduation expectations: knowledgeable, lifelong learner; responsible individual; effective communicator; problem solver; collaborative team worker, and self-directed learner. • Provides students and parents with timely data for improvement in student achievement. • Uses formal and informal assessment strategies to determine whether students have achieved high standards and modifies instructional strategies as needed to maximize achievement. • Understands how students learn and provides learning opportunities that support intellectual, social, and personal development of diverse learners. • Establishes and maintains a safe and secure classroom environment. • Manages student misconduct promptly and resolves conflict and crises effectively. • Models and promotes independent and collaborative work ethic. • Develops and manages human resources within the classroom by maintaining a professional development plan and engaging in professional development activities, recognizing students and parents for contributions to goal achievement. • Responsive to on-going professional development activities to support school’s mission and vision and student achievement • Uses teaching and learning strategies that reflect each student’s culture, learning styles, special needs, and socioeconomic background. • Seeks resources necessary to achieve classroom and school goals, such as; course materials that match the reading level of students. • Uses classroom processes that support effective teaching and learning to promote high student achievement, designing lessons to promote all students engaged in learning all the time through such strategies as active learning, hands-on application, and teacher-student and student-student conversations about the learning. • Utilizes effective learning “temperature checks” through regularly scheduled, individualized studentteacher conferences • Uses appropriate and available technology in teaching and learning processes. • Demonstrates positive classroom results and trends. • Performs other related duties as required.

SALARY AND BENEFITS: Salary and benefit amounts are set annually by the Board of Directors. Consistent with the requirements of Florida statute, this school uses a performance based salary schedule for all new employees whereby pay increases are based on teacher evaluation results from the previous year.