Head 8th Grade Football

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Job Description

Job Title:                    Head 8th Grade Football Coach
Reports to:                 Head High School Coach, Athletic Director, Principal
Site:                            Shawnee High School
Credentials:               Driver’s license with acceptable driving record. 
                                    CDL may be required to drive school bus or van.
Education:                 High School Diploma or equivalent.        
Training or Experience Required:  Successful prior experience within the sport requested.

Job Summary:  The Head Football Coach directs and organizes the high school football program.  Coordinates and oversees any assistant coaches as they work to ensure that players fully understand the fundamentals of the game.  Runs practices and drills to prepare their players for their opponents.  May scout other teams and watch film to prepare plays and game plans.  They make all of the decisions during a game.
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
  • Driver’s license with acceptable driving record.
  • May drive school van or may be required to have CDL to drive buses for certain situations.
  • Prior coaching experience desired.
  • Ability to create an atmosphere conducive to implementing the philosophy, goals, and objectives of the Athletic Department.
  • Knowledge of bloodborne pathogens and other first aid concerns is important.
  1. Complies with the rules and regulations set forth by the Oklahoma Secondary Activities Association in the O.S.S.A.A. handbook and ensures that all rules of O.S.S.A.A. are followed to the letter and intent of the rule.
  2. Complies with the Districts Bloodborne Pathogens Policy.
  3. Plans, organizes and implements the teaching of fundamentals, strategy, rules and techniques.
  4. Responsible for developing and supervising sound policies for issuing, care, maintenance and storage of equipment and a budget request for the following year to the Athletic Director.
  5. Prepares and presents an inventory of equipment and a budget request for the following year to the Athletic Director.
  6. Follows the district's procedure regarding purchase orders and routes all purchases through the Athletic Director.
  7. Head coaches are responsible for delegating authority and advising their assistants on what they desire in the way of coaching techniques, discipline, personal habits, etc. They in turn must be open-minded toward suggestions from their staff.
  8. Evaluates and rates officials.  Schedules officials, concession workers, gate keepers, scoreboard keepers, announcers, etc.  May be responsible for their pay, accepting gate receipts, etc.
  9. Maintains close supervision over the eligibility status of their squad members. Advises and counsels students continuously on their eligibility requirements for participation in athletics.
  10. Submits a copy of their schedule and list of officials to the Athletic Director for approval before they are finalized. Ensures that transportation and meals are arranged and taken care of.
  11. Attends coaches' meetings and clinics for professional growth. May attend booster club meetings.
  12. Supervises his/her athletics constantly during the athletic hour, practice time, and during athletic events, scrimmages, games, etc. Reviews game tapes/films and works with athletes to improve performance.
  13. Ensures that facilities and equipment are maintained to insure a healthy and safe environment for activities and report deficiencies and damages immediately to the Athletic Director. May be required to assist with field maintenance.
  14. Provides for and stresses sportsmanship at ALL times.
  15. Works with Athletic Director to ensure proper workout and conditioning of athletes; proper safety devices are worn; proper rehabilitation/recovery time is implemented pursuant to medical opinion; and that health and safety concerns including the bloodborne pathogen policy is adhered to. May assist in bandaging, minor first aid and other ice/heat therapies under protocols.
  16. Prepares at the end of each season an annual report evaluating the program and makes recommendations for improvements.
  17. Submits forms to the Athletic Director as requested.
  18. May work with athlete's problems or problems with parents, etc.
  19. Performs such other duties as might fall within their jurisdiction which may be assigned.
Physical/Mental Requirements and Working Conditions:
  • Must be able to communicate on the telephone and in person.
  • Must be able to demonstrate/coach student athletes in the mechanics of the sport. 
Terms of Employment:  Length of the work year and hours of employment shall be those established by the District. 
Evaluation:  Performance of this job will be evaluated in accordance with provisions of the Shawnee Board Policy on evaluation of personnel.

FLSA Status:                     Exempt
Revised:                            March 2, 2020

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