Substitute Van Driver

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Substitute Van Driver

This position provides for the safe, efficient, and orderly transportation of students.


  Safely drives a van or other vehicle which carries no more than 9 passengers to pick up children at various
locations and transports them to and from school according to a prescribed route and an assigned schedule.


May provide transportation for field trips and other school sponsored activities as assigned.


Drives a school van safely and professionally.

Adheres to safety rules when loading and unloading children. Ensures that students are seated appropriately and
use seat belts. Properly assists students with disabilities or other students in need of assistance to ensure that
they are safely helped on and off the vehicle. Assists students in and out of car seats when necessary.
Complies with federal, state, local and district laws, regulations and policies applicable to this position. Follows
all posted speed limits and safe driving practices. 

Maintains discipline, using appropriate techniques. Reports student misconduct to the proper authority.

Maintains confidentiality with all District information, including District and school population information.


Keeps an up-to-date route schedule, student roster, student counts and mileage reports at all times. Both the
route schedule and student roster must be kept in the vehicle while it is being operated. Keeps an up-to-date
emergency information sheet for each student in the vehicle while it is being operated. Timely submits any
required documentation or reports which may include the number of passengers or trips, hours worked, mileage,
and fuel consumption.

Transports only authorized passengers and discharges passengers only at authorized stops. Physically checks
vehicle at end of route to ensure no children remain. 

Maintains a good relationship with students, their parents/guardians, bus aides and monitors and district
transportation personnel. Exercises responsible leadership when working with students.

Conducts and documents daily pre-trip and post-trip inspections of the assigned vehicle including but not limited
to checking fluids, air pressure gauges, temperature gauges and other systems that require daily inspections;
maintains vehicle log. Conduct daily fueling and cleaning of assigned vehicle including but not limited to
cleaning windows, removing trash, and cleaning floors.

Observes all mandatory safety regulations and abides by the required preventative maintenance program for the
vehicle. Immediately reports malfunctioning of equipment while in route to and from school to designated
personnel Reports lateness due to mechanical failure or other reasons to the proper authority.

Reports any accident, regardless of how minor, with complete information as to the type of accident and
necessary details, including the names of all pupils riding on the bus at the time of the accident. 
Attends training as directed or required by law. Maintains all required credentials to perform position. As
directed, conducts required emergency evacuation drills and other safety drills. 
Enforces regulations against smoking or eating in the vehicle. 




High School

Work Experience

6-12 months pupil transportation 

Licenses and Certifications

Commercial Driver’s License with “S” endorsment

Driver's License
Valid Driver's License Required


100% Pupil Transportation

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