2 Part-time Instructional Assistants- Primary Grades: Notre Dame Catholic School, Clarendon Hills, IL

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Diocese of Joliet-in-Illinois
Catholic Elementary Schools
2 Part-time Instructional Assistants- Primary Grades
Notre Dame Catholic School; Clarendon Hills, IL

Position available: August, 2020
Position Purpose
Under the direct supervision of licensed staff members, the two Primary Instructional Assistants will assist licensed professional staff in meeting instructional goals and objectives that have been developed for each child. These individuals will also provide student supervision that will free certified professional employees from non-professional duties so as to enable them to make contributions to other aspects of the educational program including, but not limited to: student staffings; parent conferences; and assessment analysis and curriculum development sessions.

Essential Job Functions
-Serves as a positive role model of the Catholic faith is his / her words, deeds, demeanor, dress, and actions both within and outside the classroom.
-Assists and guides students to reinforce reading, language arts, religion, mathematics, computer instruction, and other skills.
-Assists teachers in integrating religious studies concepts throughout the Grade 2 curriculum.
- Works with students individually and in small groups to reinforce basic learning and to implement assigned programs.
- Assists professional staff in the administration and correction of classroom exercises, tests and assessments.
- Assists in classroom preparations and in developing strategies for reinforcing instructional materials and skills according to individual student needs.
- Assists with record-keeping procedures to document student learning and performance.
- Assists with classroom behavior management to minimize disruptions, ensure a safe and orderly classroom, and ensure students are on task.
- Assists students in non-instructional areas, such as supervising the student lunch programs, bus duty, playground duty, corridor duty, and other related non-instructional tasks.
- Constructs, copies distributes and uses educational materials as directed by the teacher.
- Assists students with special needs in all aspects of classroom instruction to maximize inclusion, learning, achievement of ISP/  IEP objectives, etc.
-Assists primary teachers in planning, designing, implementing, and assessing high quality  At-Home Learning lessons using Seesaw, Google Classroom or other electronic platforms.
- Follows all applicable safety rules, procedures and regulations governing the proper manner of assistance for all students, including those with disabilities or other special needs.
-Assists teachers in implementing the school's Reopening Plan with fidelity.
-Understands and adheres to all tenets of the Roman Catholic Church.
-Maintains a lifestyle, both within and outside of the school environment, that is in full accord with Church teachings.

Additional Duties:

- Assists guidance, pupil services staff, or building administration, as needed.
- Performs any other related duties as assigned by the Principal..

- Use standard office equipment, such as SMARTboards, personal computers, telephones, copiers, telephones, and fax machines.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

- Ability to carry out instructions furnished in written or oral form.
- Ability to add, subtract, multiply and divide, and to perform arithmetic operations as needed to assist students.
- Ability to understand, apply and use personal computers and software applications (e.g., Word, Excel).
- Ability to work with a diverse group of individuals.
- Ability to maintain confidentiality of information regarding students, employees and others.
- Ability to establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with students, staff and others contacted in the course of work.
- Ability to report work orally or in writing to his or her supervisor as required.
- Effective written and verbal communication skills.
-Ability to consistently report to work on days and at times established by the school Principal.
-Ability to enhance lessons using available technology.
-Ability to communicate with all constituents including (but not limited to); school administration, the pastor, parish priests, colleagues, students, parents, and prospective parents.

Physical and Mental Demands, Work Hazards

- Works in standard office and school building environments.
- Ability to work outdoors during outdoor student activities.
-This is a part-time (unbenefitted) position. Work hours may not exceed 29 hr./week.
-Primary Instructional Assistants will work each morning (Monday - Friday) that classes are in session.

Qualifications Profile

- Possession of a Bachelors Degree from an accredited University with a specialization in Elementary Education.
- Possession of an Illinois Professional Educator License is preferred, but is not required.
- Hourly compensation will be in accordance with licensure and experience.

To apply for this position
Complete an online Diocese of Joliet Catholic Schools Office Frontline Applicant Tracking application. This may be accessed at the following link:

Applications will be reviewed as these are received. Incomplete or paper applications will not be considered.


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