Part Time School Nurse

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Part Time School Nurse
The primary responsibility of the school nurse is to provide health services to students when they are at school. This includes treating injuries and mild to acute sicknesses, supporting students with chronic illnesses, and helping with preventive care by assisting with screening and educating students and staff on good health practices.

  • Detect health problems in early stages through regular screenings
  • Provide basic healthcare to students in case of injury or acute illness
  • Educate students and staff on healthy habits, such as proper nutrition and hygiene 
  • Oversee infection control measures to ensure school environment is safe for children and school staff (e.g. prevention of communicable diseases)
  • Overseeing medication administration, health care procedures, and the development of healthcare plans
  • Monitor immunizations and student health records
  • Serve as a consultant with other school professionals, such as food service personnel, physical education teachers, coaches, and counselors
  • Ensure compliance with national and local health laws
Send resume and qualifications to Dr. Quincy Paden, Principal

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