Special Education Teaching Assistant II

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Lincoln County School District is accepting on-line applications for a part-time Special Education Teaching Assistant II position for Taft Elementary School.

The primary purpose of this position is to assist teaching staff with classroom support to students with a wide range of severe physical and/or behavioral difficulties, helping students to achieve their IEP goals. This position may also be responsible for IEP records management; may require direct involvement with severely mentally and physically disabled students; and may require the performance of certain potentially hazardous duties relating to the student’s physical needs including handling of bodily fluids of the severely disabled.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities: The following are examples of duties. However, any one position may not cover all duties listed; examples may not cover all duties an employee is expected to perform; and other duties may be assigned.

  • Assist students with disabilities, individually or in groups, with lesson assignments to present or reinforce learning concepts as directed by teacher.
  • Present subject matter to students, using variety of methods and techniques such as lecture, discussion and supervised role playing as directed by the teacher.
  • Assist with transition of students including extracurricular and general classroom activities.
  • Assist with alternative methods of communication.
  • Assist with student discipline as directed by the teacher.
  • Assist with physical management of students including lifting, moving, positioning, feeding, toileting or diapering under direction of the teacher; may include use of catheter.
  • Report unusual behavior to teacher or principal.
  • Supervise and facilitate small group or one-on-one instruction to students, including academic coursework, life skills and social skills as needed.
  • Assist in developing community based instructional opportunities, including vocational placement.
  • Assist with special needs equipment, including walkers, wheelchairs, lifts, etc. May include transfer of disabled students from wheelchair to changing table, bus to classroom, classroom to playground, etc.
  • Assist with physical management of students, including lifting, moving and positioning of disabled students.
  • Perform assigned duties relating to the students’ physical needs (e.g., diapering, toileting, feeding, catheterization, ventilation, suctioning, etc.), following safety standards (e.g. proper handling of bodily fluids) established by a school nurse, physician or regional program specialist.
  • Help students learn and maintain standards of personal hygiene.
  • Assist students with eating and nutritional needs throughout the day; may involve food preparation.
  • Perform post meal/snack clean-up, washing dishes, disinfecting tables, washing linens.
  • May assist with alternative methods of communication (e.g. signing).
  • Assist in identification of student-related behavioral issues; implement behavior modification plans as necessary.
  • Assist with Non-violent Crisis Intervention when required; may include restraining student.
  • Perform a variety of clerical tasks, including scheduling IEP meetings with staff and parents, typing, answering phones, sorting and filing paperwork, data entry and communicating with general education staff for input on students.
  • Assist other students in the classroom.
  • Assist staff with educational programs and projects, including individual education plans.
  • Assist staff with record keeping, copying, filing and grading papers.
  • Monitor special education students on the playground.
  • Monitor and assist special education students in the lunch room; prepare special foods and feed student using utensils or feeding tube when needed.
  • Assist with loading and unloading special education children from buses.
  • Work with teacher and specialists to develop an Individualized Education Plan for special needs students.
  • Communicate with parents regarding student’s progress under direction of the teacher.
  • Assist with recreational programs.
  • Perform medical tasks as needed and delegated by the district nurse.

Qualified applicants will be asked for an interview and must provide a resume and at least 2 letters of recommendation. Upon selection, employees will be required to pay for the following:  $12.50 fingerprinting fee and $59 ODE processing fee.
This is a 7 hour per school day position.
Starting Salary: $14.00-$16.24 per hour
Must meet NCLB requirement at time of hire.
Excellent benefits:  Medical, Dental, Vision Insurance.  Employer paid PERS 
Closing Date: All classified positions are posted for 5 business days, but may be extended if not filled within the 5 day period.



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