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Reports To:  Principal or Support Services Program Coordinator
Qualifications:  ODE Licensed School Counselor.  Master’s Degree, or equivalent, representing intensive course work in the principles and practice of educational guidance.  Three years successful experience in School Counseling or a related field preferred.  Strong verbal and interpersonal skills and ability to relate with students is essential.
Position Summary:  The School Counselor implements the district’s comprehensive school counseling program. He or she works collaboratively with parents/guardians, teachers and community partners in order to support students’ social and emotional growth. School Counselors assist students in developing knowledge and skills that support their college and/or career readiness.
Standard One: School Counselors collaboratively envision a plan for a comprehensive school counseling program that is developmental, preventative, responsive and in alignment with the organization’s goals and mission.

  • Implements the district’s comprehensive school counseling program.
  • Assists in identifying students with needs that may be met through counseling services.
  • Counsels students with learning, physical, social and emotional issues/challenges through conferences held with students on         the basis of teacher, parent/guardian, principal or self-referral.
  • Works with students on an individual or small group basis in the solution of personal issues/challenges related to peers, home         and family, health and emotional adjustment.
  • Provides counseling services that will lead to increased personal growth, self-understanding and maturity.
Standard Two: School Counselors develop a curriculum, offer individual student planning and deliver responsive services to assist students in developing and applying knowledge, skills and mindsets for academic, career and social/emotional development.
  • Consults with classroom teachers, school principal, support staff and parents/guardians relative to students and their         challenges.           
  • Works closely with classroom teachers to plan and implement group guidance sessions based on the developmental needs of         each student.
  • Collaborates with other staff members to integrate career exploration into the established curriculum.
Standard Three: School Counselors collaborate and consult with school personnel, parents/guardians, community partners and agencies/organizations to coordinate support for all students.
  • Acts as a liaison between school and community agencies.
  • Acquaints school staff with school and community counseling resources and services.
  • Recognizes when other specialists are needed for those students who require additional supports that go beyond the School         Counselor’s scope of practice.
  • As necessary, participates in special education (IEP) meetings.
Standard Four: School Counselors collaboratively engage in a cycle of continuous improvement using data to identify needs, plan and implement programs, evaluate impact and adjust accordingly.
  • Monitors individual and group student performance and progress data to develop appropriate interventions, assess         intervention implementation and effectiveness and make adjustments for program improvement.
  • Undertakes, in a cooperative endeavor, the continuous evaluation of: the nature and scope of the counseling services         necessary; the functioning of counseling as an integral part of the total educational program; the effectiveness of guidance         services.                            
Standard Five: School Counselors lead school efforts and advocate for policies and practices that support an equitable, safe, inclusive and positive learning environment for all students.
  • Develops a professional relationship with teaching and support staff.
  • Fosters a school atmosphere with high academic and behavioral standards.
  • Collaborates with administration to implement Board policies and administrative regulations so as to provide an atmosphere          in which students may succeed.  
  • Coordinates the orientation of students as they progress through grade levels.
  • Participates in open houses and other school events.
  • Contributes to the school’s web-site.
  • Encourages parent input and volunteerism.  
  • Regularly contributes to the school newsletter and participate in community involvement activities.
Standard Six: School Counselors adhere to the ethical standards of the profession, engage in ongoing professional learning and refine their work through reflective analysis.
  • Assists in the administration of all Federal, State and Board adopted programs adhering to all eligibility, record keeping,           reporting and confidentiality requirements.
  • Seeks out professional opportunities which will strengthen their skills and improve service delivery within the district’s         comprehensive school counseling program.
  • When necessary, attends Board Meetings.
  • Has a thorough knowledge of the Parent/Student handbook  and Student Code of Conduct,  

  • Maintains knowledge of legal issues relating to Charter School/Public School.
Where applicable:
  • Meet with students and parents/guardians to select appropriate courses.
  • Develop the Master Schedule in conjunction with the building Principal.  Input student course selections into Progress         Book.
  • Act as the liaison between the high school and Post-Secondary Options.
  • Develop relationships with local colleges.
  • Implement ACT/SAT Testing.
  • Prepare college recommendation for students.
  • Verify student transcript.

  • Develop professional relationship with teaching and support staff.

  • Other duties as assigned by the Principal
Work Environment:
While performing these duties of this job, the employee regularly works in an office setting.
Physical Demands:
While performing the duties of this job, the employee is regularly required to use hands and fingers to handle, feel or operate objects, tools or controls, and to reach with hands and arms.  Ability to lift 20 pounds; able to reach, bend, sit and stoop.  The employee is frequently required to stand, talk and hear.
Vision:   See in the normal visual range with or without correction.  
Hearing:   Hear in the normal audio range with or without correction.
Travel:   Local travel to various worksites will be required.  


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