Intervention Specialist-Inclusion

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Position: Intervention Specialist 

Reports To: Building Principal

Salary Schedule / Grade: Refer to DEA Salary Schedule

F.L.S.A Status: Exempt



Plan, implement, evaluate, and manage curriculum and instructional strategies to address the individual needs of special education students. Present appropriate learning experiences consistent with the school district’s mission and mandated requirements. Provide personalized guidance and support to help students realize their intellectual, social and vocational potentials. Actively involve parents and colleagues as learning partners.


Available Units: Self Contained AU, Self-Contained MD, Self-Contained ED, Self-Contained Medically Fragile, Inclusion


The Dayton Way

  • Support and maintain the District’s core principles in the areas of professionalism, curriculum, instruction, culture, and customer service.  Demonstrate courage, compassion, patience, and a passion for teaching in daily activities.

  • Meet the challenges of delivering education in an urban school setting.  Use instructional methods to help struggling learners reach grade level.

  • Navigate competing instructional initiatives and find ways to apply them to the classroom effectively.

  • Build confidence in students, parents, and guardians that academic achievement is attainable through high expectations and sustained effort.

  • Collaborate and engage effectively with teachers and administrators to implement instructional strategies that promote student success in content areas.

  • Build positive rapport and trust with families and community partners to facilitate their engagement in education efforts.

  • Participate in district-organized professional development activities and seek out opportunities for self-development to improve instruction design and delivery skills.




Job-specific Responsibilities

  • Perform all assigned duties according to the policies, rules, and regulations of the Dayton Board of Education and the Ohio Department of Education/Special Education Division. Comply with all Federal mandates as they apply to students with disabilities. 

  • Accountable to the building principal and OEC Chief for compliance with directives of the Superintendent and/or his or her designee and is under the district wide supervision of the Associate Director. 

  • Employ the requisite components and information necessary to provide an Individualized Educational Program (IEP) for each student consistent with mandated requirements. Apply the information in the student’s IEP to prepare and implement daily lesson plans. Ensure the learning process is guided toward the general curriculum, 

  • Consult with the Associate Director and OEC Chief regarding instructional modification, classroom adjustments, and/or other methods that support the attainment of educational goals for special education students. 

  • Provide ongoing communication and support for regular education teachers to ensure special education students participation in the least restrictive environment.

  • Complete appropriate student referral forms for possible assessment, as needed. 

  • Collect and use date to assess student progress. 

  • Model and provide modifications and accommodations that support the attainment of educational goals for students with disabilities. 

  • Present material using a variety of approaches, techniques and media aides to provoke interest, enthusiasm and curiosity and subjects and events. Lessons should address student learning styles. 

  • Work cooperatively with OEC staff, transition to work coordinator, Speech and Language Pathologist, Psychologist, Physical and Occupational Therapist. 

  • Prepare attendance records and reports required by law, board policy, or those requested by the Superintendent and/or his or her designee. Ensure the confidentiality or privileged information. 

  • Communicate school rules to students. Maintain high standards for student conduct and enforce discipline according to classroom/school policy and the due process rights of students. Employ techniques that motivate you to establish appropriate short- and long-term goals. 

  • Promote the proper care of school property, equipment, textbooks, supplies, and other materials. Account for school resources used by students. 

  • Establish a structured learning environment for students that fosters a positive self-concept and sense of well-being. Use strategies that motivate children to develop problem solving and logical reasoning skills. 

  • Responsible for the supervision of assigned non-classroom and extracurricular activities (e.g.; class field trips, etc.). 

  • Share in the responsibility for authorized committee work, as requested, (e.g.; IAT). 

  • Prepare the assigned classroom at the beginning of the year. 

  • Participate in programs and activities sponsored by the school and/or parent support organizations. 

  • Review literature and participate in a variety of professional activities (e.g., professional associations, course work, workshops, seminars, etc.). to keep current with promising research and effective instructional strategies. 

  • Perform other duties as assigned. 


Analytics & Improvement

  • Select, develop, and use a variety of formative assessments to drive changes to instruction and ensure student learning.

  • Use student data from formative and summative assessments to plan instructional delivery. 

  • Research and utilize best practices to improve instruction.

  • Participate in teacher-based teams to analyze data and adapt instruction to impact student learning.

  • Utilize reflective practices to improve instructional approaches and adapt to changes in learning methods.


Classroom Management

  • Use a multi-tiered system of support (MTSS), including Positive School Climate (PSC) and RTI frameworks, to support the early identification and support of students with learning and behavior needs.  Leverage intervention opportunities to maximize student achievement and strive to make difficult children feel like they belong in the classroom.  

  • Implement the District’s classroom management strategy and programs.

  • Relate to and interact with students.  Actively put students first and be intentional about making a difference in students’ lives.

  • Establish and maintain the rules for student behavior per the student handbook and other district policies.  Follow disciplinary procedures for maintaining order among the students in collaboration with other teachers, administrators, and the Safety & Security team.


Evaluation / Other

  • Maintain complete, accurate student records as required by state law, district policies, and administrative regulations.

  • Meet with parents and guardians to discuss student progress, resolve behavioral issues, and address academic progress.

  • Attend staff meetings and professional development activities.

  • Serve on various committees.

  • Plan assignments for classroom volunteers and supervise their activities.

  • Maintain the confidentiality of student records.

  • Abide by state and national standards while administering assessments.

  • Perform other duties as outlined in the teacher contract.




  • Coping with Stress = think critically and solve problems in difficult situations; capable of handling interruptions effectively

  • Interpersonal Skills = successfully interact and engage with students, families, colleagues, administrators, and others; enjoy working with children

  • Presentation Skills = creatively share information verbally and in writing to build interest and engage student learners; organize and present information in meaningful, easy-to-understand ways

  • Adaptability and Flexibility = willingness to change methods and approaches as appropriate





  • Must be a U.S. citizen or have the legal right to work in the U.S.

  • Must pass Federal and Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation background check in accordance with Ohio Administrative Code Section 3301-83-06

  • Must hold Intervention Specialist license


Knowledge & Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree or higher from an accredited institution

  • Relevant teaching experience or background in subject matter area

  • Sound grasp of curriculum for the appropriate subject area and the Ohio Learning Standards

  • Experience working in an urban school district or working with urban education

  • Understanding of the importance of literacy- and language-based approaches to teaching content area

  • Knowledge of differentiated instruction, child development principles, and a wide range of instructional and intervention strategies

  • Ability and willingness to utilize technology in the enhancement of student learning

  • Effective time management skills



  • Frequently required to sit, stand, walk, hear, see, read, speak, reach, stretch with hands and arms, crouch, kneel, stoop, and climb stairs

  • Occasionally lift and/or move lightweight items up to 40 lbs.



  • Work is performed in a classroom setting

  • Occasional exposure to blood, bodily fluids, and tissue

  • Work may be subject to frequent interruptions

  • Potential exposure to disruptive parents and students

  • Some assignments are subject to completion within strict timelines

  • Periodic travel for meetings, professional development activities, and work assignments

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