Harrison Central High School Guidance Counselor

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  1. All instructional personnel shall be certified and licensed in accordance with state law and the regulations of the State of Mississippi.  Such licensure and transcript of credits shall be on file in the office of the Superintendent of Education.
  2. In accordance with Mississippi Code S37-9-17, all personnel employed by the public school system shall be required to pass a criminal background check and a current child abuse registry check.
  3. A satisfactory employment record
  4. Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Board may find appropriate and acceptable.
  5. Motor Vehicle Operator's License or ability to provide own transportation.

REPORTS TO              Principal, Assistant Principal, and Directors 

    To help students overcome problems that impede learning and to assist them in making educational, occupational, and life plans that hold promise for their personal fulfillment as mature and responsible men and women.


    Such duties and responsibilities as may be assigned, including but not limited to:
    1. Aids students in course and subject selection
    2. Obtains and disseminates occupational information to students and to classes studying occupations
    3. Assists students in evaluating their aptitudes and abilities through the interpretation of individual standardized test scores and other pertinent data, and works with students in evolving education and occupation plans in terms of such evaluation
    4. Works to discover and develop special abilities of students
    5. Works to resolve students educational handicaps
    6. Registers students new to the school and orients them to school procedures and the schools varied opportunities for learning
    7. Works to prevent students from dropping out of school
    8. Helps students evaluate career interests and choices
    9. Remains readily available to students so as to provide counseling that will lead each student to increased personal growth, self-understanding, and maturity.
    10. Works with students on an individual basis in the solution of personal problems related to such problems as home and family relations, health, and emotional adjustment.
    11. Plans guidance field trips to schools, colleges, and industry for interested students
    12. Guides students in their participation in school and community activities.  Maintains student records and protects their confidentiality.
    13. Initiates, assembles, maintains, and interprets accurate health records, attendance records, cumulative progress records, activity records, and uniform transcript records for assigned students.
    14. Supervises the preparation and processing of college, scholarship, and employment applications.
    15. Makes recommendations to colleges for admissions and scholarships.
    16. Provides student information to colleges and potential employers according to provisions of the Harrison County School Boards Policies and Procedures.
    17. Confers with parents whenever necessary.
    18. Assists in the orientation of new faculty members.
    19. Provides in-service training in guidance for teachers and student teachers.
    20. Works with teachers and other staff members to familiarize them with the general range of services offed by the student personnel services department, and to improve the educational prospects of individual students being counseled.
    21. Advises administrators and faculty on the matters of student discipline.
    22. Takes an active role in interpreting the school’s objectives to students, parents, and the community at large.
    23. Interprets the guidance program to the community
    24. Organizes and conducts annual career day.
    25. Arranges for tutors and summer school work.
    26. Performs other duties as assigned.


    Performs other related tasks as assigned by the Principal, Assistant Principal, and/or Director as designated by the Superintendent. 
                    Note:  The above description is illustrative of tasks and responsibilities.  It is not meant to be all inclusive of every task or responsibility.


    Use standard office equipment such as personal computers, printer, copier and fax machines, and telephone.


    Travel to school district buildings and professional meetings as required. 


    Work in standard office and school building environments. 
                    Note:    Also see the Checklist of Duties for the Physical, Sensory and Environmental Requirements Needed to Perform Essential Functions for                                 this position. 

    205-215 days annually, dependent on grade level of school, with salary in accordance with the Administrative Salary Schedule as approved by the Harrison County School Board.

    Performance of the Guidance Counselor will be evaluated annually in accordance with provisions in the School Board Policies and Procedures.

    FLSA Status:       Exempt

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