Substitute Teacher Program Manager

Posted 7 days ago



The Association of Charter School Educational Services (ACES) is searching for a skilled professional to serve as their Substitute Teacher Program Manager.  The position manages the placement of substitute teachers, educational assistants and clerical staff, who are employees of ACES, into Albuquerque and Las Cruces area public charter schools.  The Program Manager is responsible for recruiting substitute teachers, communicating with schools about their needs, and placing substitute teachers at schools with a requested need.  Charter school leaders are the clients for the work – a strong relationship with these leaders will ensure the program succeed by meeting their needs. The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skills, and/or abilities required to perform the duties of this position.  Compensation is directly correlated with the success of the program and has paid in excess of $40,000 in the last two years.
This is a part-time work from home position, and your own computer, telephone, and internet connection are required. 


Exceptional customer service skills with a focus on service to school administrators in K-12 public education.

Effective communication skills and interpersonal skills.

Manage the complex logistics of placing ACES’ 40+ substitute teachers at public charter schools on a daily basis.  

Manage tracking of substitute teacher placement days and schools to ensure proper payment to substitute teachers and proper billing to charter schools.

Abide with School/Student confidentiality.

Proficiency in Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets.

Manage all aspects of human resources: recruiting, hiring, recommended termination and maintenance of appropriate files and ensuring substitute teacher employees have appropriate certification and background checks.

Ability to learn and use new online-based programs and administer them, as appropriate.

Serve as direct liaison between substitute teachers and ACES administration.


Respond to school leader requests on an on-call basis and be responsive to their needs via the online platform provided by Substitute software program (Subzz). The Substitute Program Manager must maintain availability via phone and internet during days in which participating schools are in session.  

Learn and become proficient in Subzz in order to train charter school leaders how to use the system; serve as system administrator, managing usernames and passwords for charter school leaders and communicate with Subzz to troubleshoot other issues, as appropriate.  

Effectively communicate with school leaders on the status of their request for a substitute teacher through the Subzz platform or via phone or email.

Place substitute teachers at the charter school site based on substitute availability and preferences of the charter school leader.

Provide opportunities for substitute teachers to have learning opportunities and develop professionally together.

Recruit new substitute teachers for placement in New Mexico Public Charter Schools, obtain and evaluate resumes and applications; interview applicants; check references of applicants.  Enter into contractual agreements with substitute teachers.

Ensure substitute teacher employees maintain current license(s) and background check pursuant to New Mexico state statute.

Provide weekly billing summary for participating schools to ACES invoicing staff and summaries for employed applicants to ACES payroll staff; confirm to employed applicants weekly anticipated payroll. 

Develop, manage and update substitute database with relevant information determined by management in coordination with the Manager.

Maintain databases associated with Human Resources files, including new, current and inactive employees.

Work with Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable staff to ensure accurate payment to substitute teachers for days worked and accurate billing to schools for the substitute services they received.