Head Day Custodian at Forest Elementary School

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Head day custodian
Forest Elementary School    
Category I, $25.83 to $26.13 per hour plus benefits based on the 2019-2020 salary schedule
8.5 hours per day (6:00 am-2:30 pm) with 8 hours of paid time and 30 minutes of unpaid lunch time
52 weeks per year  
Supervise building custodian staff, maintain building systems and equipment, direct and oversee preventative and day-to-day building maintenance, ensure overall building cleanliness, and supervise building security and operations safety.

  • Report directly to Director of Building and Grounds (or designee), work direction from building principal and program director of Buildings and Grounds.
  • Perform preventative maintenance service and troubleshooting of facility systems, including mechanical and electrical equipment in accordance with district standards and guidelines.
  • Perform minor adjustments and repairs to facility systems in accordance with district standards and guidelines.
  • Perform, when assigned to a building with a boiler heating system, boiler system tending services in accordance with district standards and guidelines.
  • Operate, schedule and utilize building security systems in accordance with district standards and guidelines.
  • Operate, schedule and use building HVAC and lighting automation control systems in accordance with district standards and guidelines.
  • Utilize electronic work order system to submit work requests and accurately enter data in work order system to document repair and preventative maintenance work task hours, materials utilized, condition status and task completion information and to identify and address open work orders.
  • Set up rooms for conferences, classes and special events.
  • Operate and utilize custodial equipment to maintain facility cleanliness and sanitation of assigned building areas.
  • Maintains favorable public relations as a representative of Robbinsdale Area Schools.
  • Monitor site conditions and perform custodial care activities on building exterior walkway systems, plazas and stairs in accordance with district standards and guidelines.
  • Maintain cleanliness and condition of assigned area following district standards and guidelines for use of equipment and materials.
  • Perform proper care and cleaning of equipment and tools in accordance with district standards and guidelines.
  • Monitor and secure building door security systems, respond to building alarms, perform triage response, and perform tasks in accordance with district standards and guidelines.
  • Comply with established timelines, procedures and quality for completion of assigned tasks.
  • Use work time efficiently and effectively.
  • Execute initiative in recognizing and performing tasks that need attention or that require completion.
  • Follow district safety standards and guidelines when performing position responsibilities.
  • Practice fiscal responsibility related to efficient use of materials, care of equipment, recycling, energy conservation, and inventory control.
  • Lead other custodial staff to efficiently perform and complete assigned work in the absence of the building supervisor.
  • Complete and sign employee evaluation forms.
  • Carry District cell phone in a District provided case that is powered on and charged during work hours. Work with head night custodian and Buildings and Grounds office to ensure that calls regarding facility alarms, curtailment events and emergencies are received and responded to outside of work hours.
  • Demonstrate the competencies listed in Attachment A of this posting within 30 days of employment in the position,
  • Perform other duties as assigned.
  • High school diploma or equivalent.
  • Candidate needs to reside within 30 miles of the assignment facility to help address building alarm, service, and curtailment needs.
  • Demonstrated ability to investigate, diagnose, troubleshoot and respond to building system service needs.
  • Demonstrated ability to work independently and perform position responsibilities with a minimum of supervision.
  • Establish and maintain positive and effective working relationships with supervisor, coworkers, building staff and visitors.
  • Ability to follow schedules and adjust priorities based on needs and, when emergencies occur, triage the situation and perform essential tasks to address the situation.
  • Sufficient reading skills to read and comprehend material data sheets, building plans, specifications and operation and maintenance manuals.
  • Mechanical aptitude and skills to perform service, troubleshooting and repairs to facility systems.
  • Prior maintenance experience.
  • First class boiler’s license (current, posted and maintained) required, or willing and able to obtain within an agreed timeline.
  • Ability to view building electronic work order, energy management and security systems and acutely check status, enter required data and accurately set occupancy schedules and door lock/unlock schedules to help ensure that systems operate in accordance with the needs of the district and in accordance with the district standards and guidelines.
  • Knowledge of district current cleaning products, equipment and tools and their proper use and cleanup.
  • Able to attend work regularly and report to work in a timely manner.
  • Ability to listen and detect noise related indications of equipment problems or distress.
  • Ability to effectively perform preventative maintenance, troubleshooting and repairs of building equipment in accordance with manufacturer recommendations and district standards and guidelines.
  • Ability to efficiently and safely operate snow removal equipment and to apply deicing materials in accordance with district standards and guidelines.
  • Ability to properly control and use hand tools, test equipment, powered tools and powered equipment required for facility maintenance.
  • Ability to retain facility training information and to consistently follow district standards and guidelines for facility systems.
  • Report early and coordinate snow removal. Participate in snow removal.
  • Attend district meetings, mandated training sessions and participate in a positive manner.
  • Attend district mandated training sessions.
  • VoTech education or training in building maintenance or construction of electrical or mechanical systems is desired.
  • Ability to routinely perform strenuous labor.
  • Frequently utilize test equipment, hand tools, power tools and powered equipment for building maintenance service and repairs.
  • Willing and able to use PPE when required.
  • Frequently lift and move tables, desks and chairs weighing up to of 50 pounds.
  • Frequently lift cartons, boxes and buckets weighing up to of 50 pounds.
  • Frequently climb flights of stairs.
  • Frequently carry and use a back-pack vacuum.
  • Frequently access and use vertical fixed ladders and folding ladders to a height of 16 feet.
  • Periodically access and use movable vertical lift equipment and scaffolds to a height of 25 feet.
  • Periodically access and perform maintenance work on building rooftop areas.
  • Periodically access and perform work in building tunnel systems.
Head Day Custodian
  1. Ability to demonstrate complete competency and adherence to district standards and guidelines within 30 days of employment in the position for use of district facility work order software system to:
    1. Report on a timely basis: facility deficiencies, malfunctions, and/or hazards with an accurate, detailed description that identifies the specific location of the issue, details of the issue, details of requested service and its respective prioritization level.
    2. Enter completed facility work orders.
  2. Ability to demonstrate complete competency and adherence to district standards and guidelines within 30 days of employment in this position for use of the Building Control System to:
    1. Review and adjust building control system to reflect dates and hours of actual building occupancy, special events and permit events.
    2. Monitor building control system front and graphics to confirm proper operation and function without alarms and consistent with district guidelines for temperature/humidity set points and their respective occupied/non-occupied set-points.
  3. Ability to demonstrate complete competency and adherence to district standards and guidelines within 30 days of employment in the position to:
    1. Remember assigned-unique Lenel System username and password and to execute the log-on to the Lenel System without any public display of that login information.
    2. Schedule doors to lock/unlock for a programmed special event period without changing the default door schedule for other weekly door schedules in the Lenel Time Schedule System.
    3. Review existing schedules to prevent overriding of existing schedules that are required to remain in effect for building programming.
    4. Investigate system malfunction of a programmed door schedule in the Lenel Time Schedule Systems.
    5. Utilize the emergency lock/unlock feature in the Lenel Door Access Control System;
    6. If the security keypad does not display “Ready to Arm” when arming the building security intrusion system, employee needs to recognize that a normal security arming procedure will not be acceptable. Rather, the employee needs to utilize the system keypad check menu and troubleshoot/resolve the problem in accordance with the district procedures for arming/disarming building security intrusion systems. Contact others when assistance is required to resolve facility problems. When extensive facility services are needed and others have been informed of the facility service need, proceed to force arm. 
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