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Instruct students in appropriate subject content using effective instructional methods. In harmony with the goals, select clear objectives for all lessons, units and projects; and communicate these objectives to students. Assess the accomplishments of students on a regular basis, and provide progress reports as required. Maintain a systematic plan for organization and presentation of daily teaching assignment including lesson plans, seating charts, grading and attendance. Give prompt and careful attention to routine classroom matters, including health of students, class environment and attendance reports as required. Keep assigned students under direct supervision. Help supervise conduct and welfare of all students on the school grounds. Discipline: Classroom control is one of the prime factors of teaching and the teacher is responsible for maintaining a condition in the classroom to best promote learning. Pursue professional study in teaching field; keep abreast of conditions and progress. Work for continuous improvement of instruction in his/her classes. Work with department heads and administration in organizing and improving courses of study and curriculum. Counsel students and arrange for parent conferences. Cooperate with the counselor in any case which needs special attention. Care for and help protect school property. Help stimulate and support extracurricular activities through attendance at the activities. Sponsor student activities. Generally work through proper channels of responsibility and decision-making. Attend staff meetings and serve on staff committees as required. Participate in multidisciplinary conferences with special needs students. The District reserves the right to amend this job description as necessary.