JobID 283 : Special Education Paraeducator (Job Share) - for Extended School Year Programs (#2037244)

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This is for an Extended School Year (ESY) program and is considered a BOCES ESY position. Employees are encouraged to also apply to all other positions that they are qualified for such as those found on the Summer Work posting which are not BOCES ESY positions.

LOCATION OF POSITION: Monroe One BOCES - Various Locations

TERM OF EMPLOYMENT: July 6, 2020 - August 14, 2020. For all BOCES Programs Pre and Post summer trainings and set-up as directed.

Mandatory Summer Set-Up Meetings:
June 10th = Creekside (BPA Unit + TES Staff), eSTART, O’Connor, and Transition/Employment
June 17th = Bird Morgan and Creekside (BUP Unit)

DUTIES: (not all duties may be required as part of a program)
1.  Assist the classroom teacher in providing instructional services to students with disabilities individually, in small groups and/or test proctoring.

2.  Assist with general supervision of students in a multitude of settings including, but not limited to classroom, hallways, lunchroom and playground.
3.  Assist in classroom management of students and monitoring individual student behavior through crisis intervention by implementing positive behavior management strategies or others supported by the program.
4.  Able to perform physical intervention techniques (Therapeutic Crisis Intervention) when necessary.
5.  Assist in the preparation of classroom materials, projects, demonstrations and displays.
6.  Assist in clerical and record keeping duties or other general housekeeping duties as directed by supervisor.
7.  Utilize own special skills and abilities by assisting the instructional program in such areas as foreign language, arts, crafts, music, recreation, vocational or other similar subject areas – when requested/appropriate.
8.  Must be able to use, or willing to learn basic computer skills including email.
9.  Must be able to ride school bus with students and support students in community-based learning activities (work experience, field trips, vocational training).
10. May be required to transport self in personal vehicle to off campus community-based learning activities.
11. Must be able to assist students in therapeutic and/or traditional outside chlorinated pool.
12. Must be able to assist in self-help, personal care activities and mobility for students with disabilities.
13. May attend meetings.
14. Willing to continue on-going professional development in support of program placement.
15. Able to perform necessary physical activities.Perform other duties related to specific programs.

1.  Must be a current Monroe One BOCES Paraeducator.
2.  Current evaluation of Effective or Highly Effective.
3.  TCI Certified.
4.  Must commit to work the full three week position.  

Employment is contingent upon student enrollment and availability of programs. First consideration to current BOCES employees if applications are submitted by 4/03/2020.