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Responsible for designing and implementing a curriculum for Adaptive Life Skills students that will facilitate students’ acquisition of functional, adaptive and social skills and for facilitating students’ access to school and community.

  1. Identifies skills and activities that will continue when student leaves school.
  2. Performs ongoing assessment of students to determine appropriate individual programs.
  3. Schedules and facilitates IEP meetings. Meets with parents, specialists, representatives of community agencies, and team members to write a collaborative IEP for each student.
  4. Designs activities to meet the IEP goals and objectives of each student.
  5. Modifies instruction to meet changing needs of students and program.
  6. Serves as case manager for Adaptive Life Skills students.
  7. Maintains adequate record keeping system.
  8. Demonstrates adequate knowledge of adaptive programming.
  9. Schedules staff and students to implement instruction.
  10. Plans, implements, and instructs staff in use of behavioral programs.
  11. Trains student assistants, instructional assistants and volunteers.
  12. Works with auxiliary personnel to provide each student with the full range of needed services.
  13. Maintains good relationships with staff, students and community.
  14. Supports inclusion of Adaptive Life Skills students in regular education settings, providing input on curricular modification and adaptive programming, identifying opportunities for partial participation, providing visual and other supports for communication.
  15. Integrates students into age-appropriate activities.
  16. Is supportive of programs for persons with disabilities and other special education services to the community when appropriate.
  17. Provides for the safety and well-being of students.
  18. Attends meetings as assigned.
  19. Treats students with courtesy and personal dignity.
  20. Assists with lifting and positioning of students.
  21. Maintains open communication with students and parents or guardians.
  22. Researches and facilitates opportunities to integrate individuals with disabilities into the adult community of work, housing, services, businesses and post-secondary education.
  23. Establishes social support systems that can be maintained when student’s educational entitlement is finished.
  24. Works harmoniously with other employees and deals tactfully with the public.
  25. Works with program staff to build strong teams; acts with consideration of the effect of his/her actions on the program and on the ESD as a whole.
  26. Maintains confidentiality of student records and of ESD staff, and complies with state and federal regulations regarding privacy.
  27. Maintains regular attendance in order to preserve the continuity of service delivery for the program.
  28. Meets standards for competent and ethical performance as outlined in OAR 584-20-005-035.
  29. Adheres to safety standards.
  30. Performs the duties of the Mandatory Reporters according to ORS 419B.005-ORS 419B.045.
  31. Will adhere to the established ESD mission and values.
  32. Will promote and support the ESD through positive communication.
  33. Will complete and utilize the OIS system.
  34. Actively participates in home district building meetings and activities.
  35. Follow home district policies and procedures.
  36. Performs duties in a manner reasonably expected and generally recognized by the profession.
  37. Performs other duties and responsibilities as assigned by the Program Administrator and Superintendent. 
  1. Demonstrates basic understanding of learning theory and behavior management.
  2. Demonstrates ability to deal with staff, students, and the public in an effective manner and to establish and maintain effective working relationships with other employees.
  3. Demonstrates ability to respect confidential information.
  4. Hold a current first aid card and CPR card.
  5. Demonstrates ability to design and to implement instruction in critical functional skills.
  6. Demonstrates ability to provide individualized instruction in natural environments.
  7. Hold a valid Oregon Driver’s License and automobile insurance. 

  1.       Bachelor's Degree in appropriate field.
  2.       Valid Oregon teaching certificate.
The employee may work in regular or special education setting and/or in community settings with students in small or large groups or 1-to-1 and may be required to travel on the job.
The employee may work beyond an eight-hour day or a five-day work week attending meetings, conferences, and school activities.  The employee needs to be competent in conflict resolution.  The employee must be able to communicate effectively in confrontational and emotional situations involving staff, students, parents and patrons.  Confidentiality is a top priority for the persons in this position.  Work hours and times may vary within the week and may include some evening hours.
The employee at times works under varied workloads and inflexible deadlines.  Problems may arise which require immediate attention setting up conflicting priorities.  Sound judgment is required to effectively prioritize these demands.
Supervision and instructional responsibilities require the employee to be able to stand up to 30 consecutive minutes and to move rapidly to intervene in situations where a student’s safety is being jeopardized.  Outdoor supervision may be required during inclement weather.
The employee must be able to lift materials, boxes or equipment weighing up to 30 pounds.  The employee may need to participate with others in lifting/moving equipment weighing up to 40 pounds.  The employee needs to be able to participate with one other employee in lifting students weighing up to 120 pounds, if the student’s protocol permits.  All lifting and transferring of students should be done in accordance with approved protocols.
The employee may come into contact with biohazards such as human waste, saliva, and blood, and should take appropriate protective precautions.  The employee may be required to provide intimate hygiene care to students, and may be required to accompany the student into restrooms and locker rooms.
 Salary: $40,087 to $74,056
 Location : Coos County
 Union: South Coast ESD Education Association

First consideration for this position will be given to properly licensed members of the collective bargaing unit.
All requirements are subject to possible modification to reasonably accommodate an individual with a disability or disabilities.

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