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Principal:  Role Description The essential role of the Catholic school principal is to provide leadership and vision for the development of an active faith and academic community that provides for the nurturing and complete growth of the children entrusted to their care.  This role is best accomplished in collaboration with the staff and by organization and administration of school resources to achieve this school’s established goals.
This role involves responsibility for the following areas: 

faith community                                                                         student services   
school philosophy                                                                      public relations
policy                                                                                          personnel 
personal/professional development                                            finance 
curriculum and instruction                                                           physical plant
general administrative  responsibilities 

FAITH COMMUNITY:  Fosters a climate of faith community.

1. assumes leadership in faith formation of staff and students
2. ensures that basic teachings of our faith are taught
3. provides prayer/liturgical experiences for staff and students
4. encourages and develops a spirit of Christian service
5. articulates and facilitates conflict resolution
6. collaborates with DRE/CRE in implementing the parish vision and mission statement
7. participates in experiences of faith development with members of the pastoral staff so that a shared ministry may grow
SCHOOL PHILOSPHY:  Articulates and implements the Catholic philosophy of the school.
1. incorporates the parish vision and mission statement into the school philosophy
2. initiates periodic philosophy review
3. ensures that programs and activities of the school reflect the school philosophy
4. communicates the philosophy and goals of the school
POLICY:  Ensures the implementation of diocesan policies and procedures and local policies and procedures.
1. provides leadership and service to the education commission
2. informs the commission and staff about diocesan and local policies
3. prepares necessary background information and recommends needed local policies to  the commission
PERSONNEL:  Provides for the supervision and growth of personnel.
1. follows diocesan policies and procedures in the employment and termination of personnel
2. follows diocesan and parish policies, regulations and guidelines in training and certification of catechists
3. formulates and communicates the philosophy and objectives of the school  
4. implements ongoing, systematic and cooperative evaluations of staff personnel according to diocesan and local procedures
CURRICULUM AND INSTRUCTION:  Provides effective instructional leadership of programs which reflect the unique Catholic character of the school.
1. initiates and develops strategies for curriculum planning
2. articulates and implements instructional goals and objectives
3. provides materials and resources to meet the various needs and talents of students
4. establishes and maintains an orderly school environment that promotes learning through  student self-discipline consistent with Gospel values and Christian principles
5. directs, supervises, and assesses the instructional program
6. provides for staff development
STUDENT SERVICES:  Establishes student policies and procedures.
1. arranges systematic procedures for the continued assessment and reporting of student  progress
2. manages enrollment and attendance policies and procedures
3. publishes academic and behavior expectations of students
4. provides for student health, welfare and safety on school property
5. develops and coordinates the co-curricular programs sponsored by the school
PUBLIC RELATIONS:  Establishes, promotes and nurtures an atmosphere of good will and rapport with the school’s various publics.
1. communicates the unique Catholic character, values and accomplishments of the school
2. promotes a spirit of cooperation among parents, students, staff and parish
3. provides vehicles of communication
4. assesses community reactions
PERSONAL/PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT:   Pursues opportunities for growth.
1. grows spiritually through prayer and shared faith experiences
2. continues to advance professionally through reading, seminars, conferences, and further  study
3. participates in principals’ meetings, institutes and other diocesan programs
FINANCE:  Exercises fiscal responsibility.
1. prepares, implements and monitors the school budget
2. provides for a system of internal accounting
3. administers school purchasing
4. gives periodic budget reports to the commission
PHYSICAL PLANT:  Supervises the custodial care and maintenance of the physical plant.
1. assures the implementation of fire, tornado and health and safety codes
2. assures standards of cleanliness, ventilation and safety
3. coordinates the use of physical plant, its needs, and the correction of unsatisfactory  conditions
GENERAL ADMINISTRATIVES RESPONSIBILITIES:  Provides for the day-to-day operations of the school.  
The procedures for application and screening of persons seeking principal positions in the Diocese of Rockford is:
All applications, credentials, and related application materials are submitted through Frontline Education’s Recruiting and Hiring Software. All items must be on file before an application may be processed. The Frontline application link is listed below:
  1.  Complete the application, upload a current resume, and all supporting documents including college and graduate-level school transcripts
  2. Upload state certificate/credential (teaching, administration, and other related fields)
  3. Three letters of reference – note the following:
    1. Religious candidates – one letter of recommendation from the Superior of the Community
    2. Lay Candidates – one letter of recommendation from the Pastor of your parish

                         Once the application has been completed and supporting documents uploaded to Frontline, you may be selected for an initial screening interview by the Catholic Education Office.
                          Following the initial screening interview, if approved, the candidate will receive written notification of the decision via email.  
                          Subsequent to a satisfactory screening interview, local pastors who are engaged in a principal search will be notified of the candidate’s name and approved status. Pastors will be able to                              obtain the application and supporting documents through the Frontline Education Software.
                          All approved candidates must present his/her current Notification of Approval Letter that was issued by the Catholic Education Office.
                        The appointment of an approved religious candidate to a particular school is contingent upon the approval of the Superintendent or his designee after consulting with the Pastor & the                                    Search Committee, and the appointment of the candidate’s religious community.
                        The appointment of an approved lay candidate to a particular school is contingent upon the approval of the Superintendent of Schools or his designee after consulting with the Pastor and                              the Search Committee.
STEP 6:           CONTRACT
                          A contract is offered to the candidate, signed by both the Pastor and the Superintendent of Catholic Schools or his designee. Once signed by all parties, the original will be filed at school                              and copies should be provided to the principal and the Catholic Education Office.